i would like to permanently straighten...

but i am very worried about the chemicals damaging my hair beyond repair, and also how it will look when my hair grows in. any advice from someone who has been through this?

picture of hair below... try to ignore the face and the bow lol
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I just TRed my hair with Yuko (one of the original Japanese straighteners.) I LOVE it. It's only been a week, and so far I have little to no damage. Your hair looks wavy... I'm a 2b and when I TRed my hair last time (6 years ago with the Chi system) I was able to go a year before I had to redo it. The Chi really damaged my hair, but I had to keep flat ironing it so it would be straight. This made my hair break and look terrible. So far... with the Yuko... I can just blow it dry (I don't even need a brush... just fingers) and it looks amazing.

From what I understand, it's the stylist's experience that matters... I had a really good one and I think it's made all the difference on my hair. It is bone straight, and I am beyond happy. I really tried to embrace my waves, but since moving to southern California over the summer, my waves have been a horrible, disgusting mess.

I think your waves are really lovely, and if they look like that most of the time, I don't know if I'd TR them. My first TR took five years to grow out. If you are interested in learning more about Yuko, here is a link: http://ezinearticles.com/?The-Yuko-H...ess&id=1196992
2a/b. I love AOHR!
I agree with the above poster, you were blessed with nice curls. My curls were tight and insanely frizzy. Let's just say before I TR'd my hair curly it'd be just above my neck now TR'd and straight it falls at my shoulders.

I TR'd my hair and love it but then again I had insanely unmanageable hair. Now i can wash it and it dries out straight, it's crazy! But I do miss a little bit of curl. I'd try to stick with your curls if I were you and try the No poo method.

BTW I did the Liscio method.

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