Is it possible (wavy to curly and then straight?)

Is it true that if you try to make your naturally wavy hair curlier that can cause it ot 'give up' and become straight? My mom says that's how her beautifull and natural curly hair became totally straight. She tried to make it form middle-sized curls to small-sized curls.
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Ive never heard of anyone going from curly to smooth just because of how they styled it for a time. I have always had 2b spirals since I was young. No one knew back then how to care for them so I was always trying to look like the girls on the cheerleading team with thier long smooth glossy locks. I did all sorts of damage to my curls by the time I hit high school I had tried every product and styling tip known to man it would seem. Now older wiser I realize just how unique my hair is. I can go curly one day or I can blow it out smooth. It all depends on my mood for that day or what I might have planned. So I dont know anything about loosing curls for all the damage I did to mine in those years I never lost the curl.
I have heard that when women reach the age of menapause and the hormones change that thier hair texture and curl pattern can be disrupted or change due to the hormone inbalance of her body. Perhaps that is what made your mothers hair go from one way to another...???
Hair may change textures as you age, most likely due to hormonal changes. There are many curlies on this board who went from straight to curly once puberty hit. There are also women who go from curly to straight when pregnant. Sometimes the curl will come back and other times it won't.

Personally I was a Shirley Temple sort of curly when I from infant-toddler age. My hair loosened up when I was in grade school to about 2c waves. Then they tightened up again when I hit puberty.

I do highly doubt it was the way she tried to style her hair, because unless you're doing chemical or heat damage to your hair, it will eventually grow out to it's normal texture.
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