Little Sister's Perm! HELP!

Hey guys, I seriously need help. My little sister is about 9 years old and she has a perm. I think she got one when she was really young... like 6-7..? I think... anyway while I'm transitioning I'm starting to see that my sister's hair isn't that healthy. My mom doesn't really take care of my sister's hair [Not sure why...] and I don't think my sister will want to transition, because my mom puts garbage in her head [basically the straight vs. kinky/curly/super curly stuff] and I doubt she'll ever want to go natural.

So I want to secretly [Lol...] take care of my sister's hair while it's in a perm, because I don't wanna see her go through what I went through. My mom stopped taking care of my hair and told me I had to take care of it myself [because she did that when she was as old as me] and once it became damaged she cut my hair really short and when I wanted to grow it out I basically failed... [ but then I found out about going natural and fell in love xD]

I can already see her hair pretty much dying... my mom keeps it in a tight pony tail and doesn't really oil it. She takes care of her own hair more.

Don't think anything bad of my mom... I think she's just kinda stuck in the past... y'know?

So can anyone help me out? I dunno what to do...
Woo!! I did the Big Chop!

I didn't like it at first, but now I pretty much love it. :] I'm currently protective styling to get to shoulder length ASAP, so I don't get to enjoy it that much

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Gemini, check out the forum for Parents of curly kids. I'm sure you can find lots of good advice for your sister's hair. (And, good for you, for taking an interest in teaching your sister to take care of her hair now, when she is so young. Hopefully you'll be able to help her make some lifelong habits, and maybe eventually your mom, too!)

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