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Okay so I am a modified CG, but I use no poo, no cones and I only straighten every 3 months or so. I have my hair colored to a caramel color and now im ready for change. I plan on going dark and cutting off the dry ends possibly into a bob to help it grow later and then obviously straightened. So my question is..

What is the best first step for me to take in transitioning. I really dont want my new stylist to ruin months of CG (even tho im straightening it) with cones and sulfates. I want to bring my own products to her to use,deep co, CO and thermal protectant, what do you suggest? I want a change but i dont want to completly ruin my hair??? HELP!
Well, I can understand your hesitation, I don't know if you have a regular stylist or not, but if you do, I would sit down and talk with him/her first before deciding on anything. But even if you don't, when you find a stylist you trust talk to them first on your needs and what you want to do.

BC - 25 July 2006

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