so i'm going to relax my hair again ... healthier relaxer suggestions?

i've heard that the organic root stimulator olive oil line has a good relaxer. any other suggestions. i know that straight is more my style and less stressful for me than curly. and the regrowth process has me self-conscious and impatient when i'm trying to impress. so if there are any good relaxer suggestions let me know. i was using creme of nature for sensitive scalp but even that was too rough on my scalp and starting to break my hair. i want a relaxer that will relax without wreaking too much havoc.
Hey Curlmatic28! I swear by Mizani's relaxer. I made the mistake of using Motions on my daughter's hair and I hated how bone straight it came out. And the last time I got a Motions relaxer I had about 15 scabs in my hair (the mild formula). Mizani never burned me, was very gentle, and never made my hair bone straight, actually with Mizani when it's wet I can still scrunch and get very nice curl definition for days I want to do a wash-n-go. Hope this helps and good luck!
dnt relax ur hair. trust me. i regret it. i'm transitioning now back to curly. get a sedu flat iron. it's magic. does wonders. i got mine. if you want a straight look and it lasks for a long time.

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