Liquid Keratin

I’m going to do this myself and save $$$. The hardest part is 400 degree flat ironing 10 times each section. This will burn your hands so I bought heat gloves and a Tension Comb recommended by BKT companies. The video below is the best instructional video for BKT.

Tension Comb:
Video showing how to use Tension Comb:

I'm going to give myself a professional BKT that lasts for 3 months for under 25 bucks!

Don't buy LK. It's a terrible product.
Originally Posted by Liv Luv

Where did you purchase your bkt treatment? I actually used the LK on my hair today and I can definately say I can see a difference. So like all things it works for some and not others. The only con I see is that it doesnt last as long as the others.
This is an awful product, please don't waste your time and money. I have in between 3a and 3b hair and my hair is now damaged. The product claims to cut down styling time but it still took as long as it did before to straighten my hair. I am super upset because I had virgin hair with no dyes or chemicals in it which took me years to achieve and now I killed it with this junk. My hair smells like burnt popcorn and I followed the product to a T.
I have heard of it, from the instyle magazine. I have 2b hair and I share the same feelings. When and if you find the answer let me know. If i try it I will let you know how it works
After reading all the posts on this thread, I thought I would post a review of LK.

To begin with, as you may have noticed, I have 3c relaxed hair that I rarely wear curly, mostly because I look like Michael Jackson during his Jheri curl days (Ow! My eyes!) when I do.

I ALSO color my hair (not to lighten, just to color my grays). My hair is black, so any grays are like beacons of light on my head!

I gave LK a try, even though it was with great trepidation that I would end up baldheaded.

I followed the instructions to the letter. Believe me, the idea of using the shampoo (sulfates!) and NO conditioner or other moisturizing/styling product almost put me off completely.

But the ever intrepid PJ in me talked me into it. I did the treatment on Saturday afternoon. I washed, used no other product, and left the treatment in for 1/2 an hour. (I also combed frequently to keep my hair as straight as possible on my stubborn 3c-yes, stubborn, even though relaxed- hair.)

I then blowdried completely and flat ironed using my Maxiglide on 10. (That's the first time that's ever happened, btw.)

I looked like a drowned rat. My hair was not greasy, just waaaaay too straight. (Never thought I'd say that, but there it is.)

So tonight shampooed (I used Elucence shampoo- none of that SLS crap on MY head again. It made my scalp dry and itchy, not to mention flaky, as all SLS shampoos do) and used their conditioner, after which I reconditioned with Elucence.

So- the verdict? The part of my hair that was previously relaxed, well, as they say here in Beantown....It's like buttah, I tell you. Moist, smooth, silky, etc. Yum.

The new growth on my head- not so much. Not bad, but not buttah. Know what I mean?

I did take some time off my blowdry session, I won't lie. Maybe about 15 minutes or so.

Would I buy/use this again? Probably. I won't use the shampoo except for the treatment part, and I don't have any use for the conditoner and leave in conditioner at all. If the company (ahem, are you LISTENING, company?) sold the treatment spray in a larger size I would buy again in a heartbeat.

As it stands, I have enough spray treatment to do 2 treatments, so I won't be repurchasing until about 2 months from now. (My hair is only just past shoulder length.)

I will edit if I note any damage or other ill effects.

3c/4a thinning!!! hair
Trying desperately to grow, grow, grow
I did the salon treatment on Friday. I have type 3c (my whole life) hair, lots of fine spiral curls. I really didn't think it would straighten my hair just reduce frizz and relax my curls to 3a. The straightening in the past has only barely made a dent. I don't have a flat iron so I don't do much besides product and diffuser. Straightening it myself is really difficult so never really did it. Based on the assumption of relaxed curl I didn't prepare much and expected to still use my curly products and diffuser.

On Monday I washed my hair, used no products and let my hair air dry to see the natural state. My hair is now mostly straight straw-like friz hair with some crimps at the top of my head. A flat and curling iron will take the kinks out of the top and curl the flat/straw ends.

It's not that at home Keratin but still I'm not sure if I should just wash as much as possible until it comes out or if another treatment will finish so at least its straight and not frizzie.

I'm not sure which way to go. I'm not sure if I need different products to deal with this.
I found this website when searching for reviews on Liquid Keratin. Hello all my curly headed sisters! Where were you when I was growing up all alone in a sea of straight haired classmates?

The various reviews pushed me over the edge and I decided to give LK a shot. Basically it seemed to me like the same process they do in salons for hundreds of dollars. I figured I could try it myself first. I had never blown my own hair dry so that was a chore. I had to buy a flat iron and a round brush. So by now I'm, like, $200 invested. As I combed the serum through my hair it became very straight and it didn't frizz while I sat through the 30 minute leave-in time. The blow drying took forever as a novice. The flat ironing (which in the salon looks great) really sucked. It got straight but it was really dry looking and puffy and I looked liked a "before" picture. There was absolutely no shine. Totally dull. Awful. I was so bummed but I waited the 48 hour set time before I washed it out. I was just so glad to be getting this junk out of my hair.

Then it happened. As I put in the conditioner my hair got immensely soft. As I got out of the shower I could tell the curl was much looser. After I sprayed in the leave-in conditioner and used a teeny bit of styling gel (in the past I could use an entire bottle) I let my hiar dry naturally. It dried frizz free. It dried quickly. It dried to a loose curl and looked so pretty. RARELY do I like my curls b/c they have a life of their own and have a very bad attitude. I have never found a hair product in my 40 years that does what it claims - especially when it comes to frizz - and I have tried everything. That night I was out and about here in humid Washington DC and my hair never frizzed up. My hair frizzes when I cook pasta in the kitchen! My hair is very fine and fluffy and curly and straight and some strands are even curly AND straight. It can be a hot mess. I almost always have to wear it back unless it is blown out at the salon. Anyway, I have had a pleasant experience thus far but I don't doubt others when they say they are unhappy. For decades I have been told what will work on my hair and nothing ever has...until now. Everyone is different. I would suggest to follow the rules explicitly, however. There is a reason they are there in the first place. Good luck!

Update 6.28.09 - Well I thought it had been a month since I did this process but now I see it has only been two weeks. Bummer. Well the honeymoon lasted 3 days. My hair continued to be easy to care for and didn't frizz but a week later I was back to using more leave-in and gel. I will say, in retrospect, that even though it never looked as good as in the first few days it has been easier to style and the curl has continued to dry more loosely. The frizz was lessened but still there. Bottom line is I did not see the results for the reported 30 days - not by a long shot.

Today I did another treatment (I really thought it had been a month!) but made some modifications. This time I used less treatment spray (I'd say I have another application left - but I did have to go to Ulta to get more conditioner and shampoo and I have to say I really like both in their own right. I also set my hair in rollers and sat under my dryer "old school" style instead of blow drying. It dried in about 30 min and usually takes 60. I was MUCH happier with the sheen this time and it didn't look like straw. The flat iron was set to 400˚(before only to 300 or so) and went lickedy-split and my hair looked pretty good this time. I don't think I will hate not washing my hair for the 48 hours b/c it does look much better this time around. Still going to try BKT.

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Hey y'all!

I randomly picked this stuff up while I was in ULTA shopping for shampoo and conditioner. I am forever trying new products on my hair (I never use the same shampoo/conditioner twice), and I'm a spoiled brat so money isn't really an issue to me. At least not when when it comes to hair products. I love trying new things. After all, it's just hair.

I read a few pages of this thread while I was letting the stuff sit in my hair, and I noticed all the mixed reviews. Some were awesome (but do they work for LK?) and others were...less than stellar. Here's my 2 cents :-)
(Yes, I am a real person, no, I don't work for any hair companies or anything. I don't really know much about hair other than I hate mine!)

I have chemically relaxed hair. I don't know what the Number/letter system is but my hair only curls if I put like, 10,000 hair products in it. If I don't, it's just a giant poof ball. And then it's...I'd say maybe 3b? I don't know. It's pretty curly but not ridiculous. ANYWAY. On with my 2 cents.

First of all, when I shampooed my hair, I immediately noticed how soft it was. Like some other people, I was completely freaked out by the idea of shampooing and not conditioning, but I could feel the difference in my hair before I even started to comb it out. I dried my hair a little bit with a towel, and then I split it up in sections and spritzed away. (I noticed a few people saying the spray bottle was difficult to use and made their arm tired--I think that those people either used way too much or have pretty sad upper body strength :-P) I wasn't sure if I used enough, especially after I read that some people used half (or more!) of the bottle, and I hardly used any of it. I'd say less than 1/4. Anyway. So I sat down in front of my computer for a half hour and tried to find as much info as I could on the product (although I didn't actually get farther than this thread :-P)
When I blow dried my hair, I noticed a huge huge HUGE difference immediately. For one thing, it took like 5 minutes to dry. For another, it was incredibly soft. Maybe not shiny or silky, but soft. It also wasn't as poofy as it typically is when I dry it. I started to get a little nervous because of a few reviews I read where the people said their hair felt like straw, because mine wasn't particularly pretty. However! After I straightened my hair, I was INCREDIBLY impressed. Actually, let me clarify that. At first, I wasn't impressed. I was a bit impressed because it did seem to lie (lay?) flatter than normal, but I was thinking that it wasn't really $70 worth of flatness. But then after I thought about it for a second, I realized that all I did was wash my hair and put the stuff in it. No conditioner. No other products. Nothing at all. At that point, I was like HOLY...STUFF!!! All my flyaways are flat to my head (which doesn't happen even when I do use other products to help the straightening process), my hair is silky soft, it looks a bit longer, and it looks...healthy. Very healthy. With no other styling products?! That is pretty much a miracle! Another thing I noticed was that my hair didn't frizz up like it normally does when I straighten it. My roommate never turns on the air conditioning (June in Atlanta with no a/c = miserable, esp for my hair!) so usually I turn it on full blast while I'm straightening my hair so it will actually stay straight, since my bathroom gets so incredibly hot. Today I decided to test this whole 'no frizz' theory and I left the a/c off. I was pretty pleased. It wasn't perfect, it frizzed up a tiny bit by my roots (I also need a touch up, so that could be part of the problem) but other than that , it was great.

I do have 2 minor issues with this product (come on, NO hair product is absolutely perfect).
The first is that my ends don't look as nice as I'd like them to. But again, I don't have any other styling products in my hair. I think that when I use when I normally use (Biosilk Silk Therapy...a bit expensive but basically gold in a bottle for making my hair look shiny and beautiful) the ends will be perfect.
The second is that I don't like the way it smells.

I cannot stop touching my hair. It is the most beautiful I have ever seen it (outside of a professional stylist, anyway). I run my fingers through it and it falls right back into place. It's! I could go on and on and on and on about how amazed I am with my results but I don't think that's necessary.

I'd give it a 9.5 out of 10, and I DEFINITELY think it was worth the $70. I will definitely buy the shampoo and conditioners and all that good stuff, and I would definitely use this again! I'm fully impressed with LK :-)
Can the spray be used more than once? Making the kit last for more than just one use?
I did not try this product/treatment anymore after have the 2 breakouts/allergic reactions to the treatment, but I got the Coppola Treatment done and had no reaction whatsoever and it looks I guess it's good for some and not all...

BC - 25 July 2006
Hi all, I've been reading this thread after seeing a video on you tube about the product. I've been wanting to try the coppola treatment but seems a little too expensive. I live near Houston and the humidity is HORRIBLE!!!! therefore if I straighten my hair it frizzes soon as I step out the door.

I have 3A type hair with some 2B areas, it is color treated (Mega reds-light intense golden copper) It seems from the reviews that most of the bad experiences were with 3B-3C and blonde hair. has anyone with my hair type/color tried LK?

it just sounds like a good less expensive alternative to coppola (if it actually works of course)

Any responses would be greatly appreciated
im a 4a and im going to try this. I just need it to reduce the frizz and hopefully itll make my hair shiny and easier to comb through. right now, the only time i comb my hair is wen its wet. wish me luck!!!
I have been doing this for the past year but I go to the salon. I have a mix of 3B/3C hair. I LOVE it. They put the stuff on and you sit for about 20-30 mins. Then they blow dry your hair and iron it to within an inch (not happy about this part) and your hair is stick straight for 3 days. No pins, barrettes, ponys, etc. It has to hang. Then when you wash, and you can use any shampoo that does NOT have any sodium whatsoever (disodium, sodium laurel/larueth, etc.) - and not even salt water in the ocean). The first weeks its straight-ish. But I still have curly hair, but not tight, frizzy, poofy hair. I love my curly - but when the wind blows it will blow in a giant poof ball and stand up straight. This allows it to just be. And I do not have to wet it every day and product up. I use a leave-in conditioner. and also, the less you wash it (and you do not need to) the longer the keratin stays. It's usually good for 3 months, the last time I got almost 5 months out of it.
I'm not new, I just haven't posted in here in years. Nothing really works for me that works for normal people with curly hair. I have ridiculously fine hair 3A/B. The kind that no matter what Lorraine Massey says, HAS TO BE washed every day. Here is a before shot from Friday afternoon.

I purposely did this treatment on Friday night so I could hide away from people over the weekend. I expected to look like a drowned rat and I do. It doesn't look greasy as much as wet, except for my roots which are greasy after 24 hours between washes no matter what.

I flat ironed at 410 because that is as high as my T2 flat irons go. I don't want stick straight hair. I am hoping to loosen the curl when I air dry it. My hair is too fragile (fine) to heat style everyday.

We'll see what happens in 4 hours when I wash it but based on all the posts I'm worried now. Not that it will damage my hair. I would have seen that by now but that I spent the weekend like a dirty hermit and have it all be for naught. I will keep you guys posted.
Do you know why they call it "PMS"? Because "Mad Cow Disease" was taken.
--Unknown, presumed deceased
What is it? How much is it? Does it have to be done in a salon? My hours were cut since the recession started and I have had to live on my real salary. *shudder*
Do you know why they call it "PMS"? Because "Mad Cow Disease" was taken.
--Unknown, presumed deceased
I've washed it and feel like a normal person again. My hair is definitely not straight. Its some what looser but not as loose as I hoped. I was hoping for 2B. I am a true 3A now vs a 3A/B like I was before. It hangs down vs down and then out. It's curly but flat which I LOVE.

Ironically, I look like the last girl in their ads. Her before hair looks very similar to mine as does her air dried hair. If it lasts this way. I will be happy enough. It's not as loose as I wanted but its an inch or 2 longer than it was before.

I did notice 2 things which may be negatives to others but positives for me. 1. It has a lot more volume. I purposely air dried without my claw clip so I could see what it would look like totally un manipulated. And its not flat on my head like it usually is. 2. It's lighter but in my case that is a plus because I dyed it last week and as usual it came out too dark and I knew it would fade in a few weeks to what I wanted. This made it faster. I wouldn't call this frizz free, just very soft and very shiny. It looks healthy and curly hair doesn't always look healthy, even if it is.

I'm going to use the rest of the treatment and then I will decide if I want to keep buying it. At the moment, I am looking for cheaper sodium free shampoo. Someone said their shampoo was reasonably priced. Only to someone who uses Kerastace which I did prior to the recession but I have now been reduced to Pantene which does have sodium. I am hoping to find something in the $15/bottle range that fits the bill.

I would give it 3 curls out of 5
Do you know why they call it "PMS"? Because "Mad Cow Disease" was taken.
--Unknown, presumed deceased

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does anyone knows, if the LK can be only apply to new growth hair, i did keratin twice i only want to have done on my roots. thanks.
For those interested in LK, theres also this product called Escova that doesn't contain formaldehyde and cost almost the same as LK. The only thing is that you'll have to make some research on the ingredients in it!!
Let your dreams live!!!!

3B/C; Blended Beauty is my HG!!!
does anyone who has used this think one could do the treatment JUST on the bangs area?
Well, I have decided NOT to try this Liquid Keratin. Why? Because it has CHEMICALS in it that are known to not only PERMANENTLY straighten hair but to damage it just as bad as the common chemicals in relaxers.

My hair has been through WAYYYYYY too much, this is my THIRD time having to cut my damaged hair off and the LAST.

For the last 5 yrs I went “so called” natural but was on a mission to find something, other than a relaxer, to loosen my curls. Why? Because After going natural I didn’t realize how hard it was going to be to maintain natural hair. Now, I always new I had a nice grade of hair but what I didn’t know is that I had 2 different grades of hair *sigh*…The hair on the sides, top/crown is nice soft curls and the hair in the back (starting under my occipital lobe to the nape of my neck)…Well *smh* I have no idea WTH it is. The curl pattern is whacked the hell out & it is much denser, drier and more resistant than the rest of my hair. My entire head of hair is VERY thick with out a relaxer, which I love, but damn it’s hard to maintain.

Well anyways, when I did the “Big Chop” it had been 2 yrs since my last relaxer. I took my last set of braids out washed my hair & then cut the rest of the relaxer out of my hair. This is when I noticed the two-tone hair grade thing. I didn’t know this until then because my routine was to wash my braids first; let them dry; take them out flat iron my hair; cut some of the relaxed hair off; then go to the braid shop to get my hair re-braided (every 3 months). I did this for 2 yrs so I never really got to see this two-tone hair grade thing I had going on. Well I was like “Oh well I am only going to wear one pony tail in the back until it gets longer any ways. That lasted until June then I started wanting to wear it straight again. I really wanted to get my hair blow dried & flat ironed and I didn’t want to do it my self (Due to bad experiences with hatin ass beauticians messing up & cutting off my hair I had been relaxing/trimming/flat ironing my own hair for the longest) Well I found a “Top Notch” salon on Chicago’s east-side & got hooked up! Man this dude got my hair so SUPER straight with just blow drying it was ridiculous. I was fine until later on in the evening when I went out….Man it was like 90 degrees & humid. Twenty minutes after I left my air-conditioned home I looked like a Chia Pet/ Tracy Ellen Ross times 20. I ran to Walgreen's & bought a cordless curling iron, pony tail holders, comb/brush & gel. I tried my best to fix that crap but, just like I expected, I had to use the gel & ponytail holders to slick it on back in a ponytail for the night *smh* . Yup, $65 down the drain, but damn the money my whole evening was ruined….Priceless…After that I was on a mission to find something to straighten my hair with out going back to the relaxer. Below are the products I went through.


Natural Laxer Plus:::
This stuff is STRAIGHT garbage, but it didn’t take my hair out. I realized that all this stuff is, was powdered SAGE (the smell reminded me of “stuffing” on Thanks Giving). It’s a 2-part system where you mix this “Natural Laxer” crap (sage powder) with water & this jar of Sahara clay chips they send you. You put this mess on your hair & it clumps up like cheap processed cheese on macaroni noodles. It doesn’t smooth evenly over your hair at all. This may be nice for a facial masque (which they mention in the directions *ha*) but NOT for straightening hair or hair PERIOD being that it dries out the hair due to the oil/water absorbing attributes of the clay.

EASY STRAIGHT: 1 Week Straightener:::
This worked but it didn’t at first. The first time I used it, it made my hair softer and loosened my curls a bit but it didn’t make it straight. SO…I wasn’t satisfied. I got tired of the humidity wrecking my straight hairstyles so the next time I put this product in my hair; I parted my hair in 4 sections; put my hair in 4 TIGHT ponytails & wrapped the hair around in a ball. I let it set for like 30 mins & took the pony tails out.…my hair was BONE straight. I washed the treatment out & finished the rest of the directions. I was VERY satisfied, but had the nerve to think I still had “natural hair”. My hair was nice thick & straight and I was happy. Until ……My hair started reacting the same way it did with relaxers. Dry & shedding, then my hair got thinner. I tried to save it with braids but that only slowed it down. I eventually just cut all that hair off (slowly) and started over again.

EASY STRAIGHT: 3 month straightener:::
You’d think I had learned my lesson, but no… Two years later I had all new hair AGAIN and I was so desperate to loosen this tight mess up. It was just too time consuming & hard to maintain. It wasn’t that I wanted my hair straight, I liked my curls. It’s just that I wanted 1.) BOTH the benefits of natural hair (strength & thickness) and the benefits of relaxed hair (straight, manageability, humidity & moisture resistant) .. and 2.) When I decide to wear my hair straight I don’t want it reverting as soon as a lil moisture hit it. Anyways, long story short, this 3 months straightener is worse than a relaxer JUST because it has you believing because it’s NOT a lye based relaxer AND you put it in your hair while wet thinking that it’s SAFE. This stuff gets hair BONE STRAIGHT with the 4-pony-tail-method or common smoothing method (like when applying a relaxer). It also broke my hair the hell off just like a common relaxer.


What I didn’t know then was that #1) The only way to straighten hair permanently is by chemically breaking the “disulphide bonds” in hair. #2) there are MANY alkaline chemicals (and derivatives of such) that break disulphide bonds besides LYE (sodium hydroxide). Like Ammonium Hydroxide, which is what was in the above Easy Straight products & is also found in curly-perm products. Every since I found this out I always read the ingredients of ALL products before I buy them & look for any form of these types of chemicals. What I also realized is that these SO CALLED “temporary straighteners” contain these same chemicals that PERMANENTLY straighten hair. Maybe they only put a smaller amount of these chemicals in the product, but it’s still in there and all one would have to do is say…Leave it in LONGER &/or use the 4 pony-tail method to achieve permanent straightening (This is to those who claim certain products, like Liquid Keratin, didn't do anything to straighten your hair)

At this point I don’t want ANY chemicals in my hair at all, not even hair coloring. I do want my hair jet black but I think I’ll either pass on that or use a NATURAL herbal henna if I change my mind. All I want now is NON CHEMICAL product that will protect from humidity & loosen these weird tight curls in the back of my head. I just recently heard about this Liquid Keratin & thought “Oh this is like that Brazilian Hair Straightening thing I once heard about, a non-chemical treatment that is great for damaged & or chemically processed hair”. Man as soon as I found the product website I read the ingredients & noticed it contained an ingredient called “Byformyl”. I hit Google with the name “Byformyl” and found A LOT of disappointing info about what it was (I also found this website in the process). Yeah um, Byformyl…Not good. It can permanently alter hair structure, period. I don’t care HOW someone explains it or claims how many FOOD products it can be found in, etc, etc, etc. I am not putting this sh@!t in my hair NO WAY NO HOW! Good luck to those whom are testing it & I hope you are only testing a small section before doing your whole head. ::Note:I bet if the nappiest headed individual tried the ‘4-pony-tail” method your hair would get bone straight which would prove that it contains a chemical that permanently straightens hair (byformyl):::

Right now I am testing a product called “Curl Away” by Xenna. The company makes a few products that I have used in the past. This is a natural curl relaxing system that uses only NATURAL ingredients that gradually relax/soften hair in 4-6 applications. I only did a small section of hair and I am going to test it there for a month to see how it goes. So far no negative changes, my hair is still super strong & curly so we shall see after a few more treatments. I have also ordered some straightening balms (for blow drying & flat ironing), detangling & softening shampoos/conditioners from (Redkin, Maxius,Phyto & Aveeda). I’ll be posting my review of all products mentioned within in the next month. I hope my story/info helps. Thanks for reading!

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