Liquid Keratin

Hey, it's me again. I just read another post that reminded me of something. If any one knows anything about "Perms", you'd know that when these treatments are done that it's a rule not to get the hair wet for at least 48 hrs so the chemicals can "cure" & set the curls in good.

The Easy Straight" products I mentioned & this Liquid Keratin system have the same procedure as a Perm. The Easy Straight contains "ammonium hydroxide" like perm products & this Liquid Keratin contains a form of formaldehyde (biformyl)which is an alkaline chemical known to permanently straighten hair.....*smh*....Like I said, I advise you all NOT to use this product.
I am a 3c with virgin hair. No color and no relaxer for 8 years. My curls are soft but do get very frizzy. I have to use a lot of product to reduce frizz. My hair dresser suggested using this treatment to help with the frizz and to get a more managable curl. I told her I did not want to loose my curl and she said it wouldn't loose all of my curl just help condition it, help with frizz and tame my curls. WRONG!!!! This treatment completely took the curl out of my hair!!!! My hair looks relaxed. My hair always curls up when wet and even after 45 mins of scruntching and putting on product my hair barely gets to wavy. If you don't want straight hair all of the time (like me, I like and embrase my curls and would never relax or permanently straighten my hair) then I would really think about using this product before you try it OR do a sample on a small piece of your hair.

I am 3 weeks in to having used the 30 day treatment (which I used once). My hair will still not curl at all when wet, when blown dry and flat ironed it won't hold any style or curl. It lays there flat like a limp noodle when it is wet, it has no volume which is something I never had a problem with before. I cannot get my hair into any of the curly styles I wore and loved before. I am PRAYING that my beautiful curls will come back after the 6 week timeframe. Please say a prayer for me people! I hope this helps
hey ladies. i have 3c maybe 4a texture. do you think this will loosen my curl pattern. i dont want straight hair i just want the pattern to be looser and bouncier so can do wash n go's. or does anyone think that if i use the original liquid keratin that is not as strong (the one with the caucasion lady on it) my pattern will just be lose instead of straight? if i wanted straight hair id go back to being relaxed...please helppppppp!!! ----->here is what my hair looks like
hair type:4a
bc:July 3 2009
co wash:curls by salon selectives, HE totally twisted
i have ringlets with product on it, its not really dry, brittle, or frizzy
hair type:4a
bc:July 3 2009
co wash:curls by salon selectives, HE totally twisted
Has anyone ever heard of or used the product Liquid Keratin? Apparently, it is a temporary straightener. I saw an ad for it in my InStyle mag that came in the mail yesterday. It is sold at Ulta. The starter kit is $69.00 and comes with a 4 oz straightener, and a 1 oz shampoo and conditioner. It is supposed to last about 6 weeks. I have 3c hair and would love to take out some of the curl. Any thoughts? Thanks.
Originally Posted by tmcatty
Dear friend.

I am brazilian and I do the Keratin,
Liquid keratin for curly hair will soften but wont do much( not 6 weeks)
well try something more like Brazilian Blowout.
whan done by a pro, ( like my self/ with all do respect)
you will have great results..
Its all on a techinique...

how you prep your hair.
how do you separate your hair, ( how hot is the flat irom
the solution
all comes into play ...
depending on how much control ( clients wishes) more straight , less staright , waves, bigger curl, or just shine...

check my site Brazilian Keratin NYC - 100% Organic /Done By A Brazilian Specialist Brazilian Keratin NYC - 100% Organic /Done By A Brazilian Specialist

liquid keratin makes my frizzie hair soft, smooth, but
turned the colour fake brazzy frieky day glo gold
will it fade or go away or must I have it
professionally coloured? omg, looks like a pumpkin
smashed into a fluorescent stop sign
I could not tell from a strand test that the colour
was effected! oh no, not until it was too late; hideous!! light colours beware!!!!
I have used this product. It was horrible for me. It changed my hair color and made it all brassy, and I don't know why, but keratin just never does what it claims it will on my hair. Yuck!
Very coarse, thick, porous 3B. My biggest challenge is SOFTNESS and SHINE.

Current shampoo: Biosilk w/ added vitamin E
Current conditioner: Lush Okra
Leave-ins: Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie, KCCC
CG didn't work for me. Oils don't work for me. Trying hard to learn how to love my hair. Read my blog.
I was wondering what would happen if I left the treatment in but didn't apply heat? Would it be effective as a protein treatment?

I don't want to lose any of my curl, just wanted a strong protein treatment and reduction of frizz.
3a/3b/3c, thin/fine, low porosity

Shampoos: Oyin Honey Wash, Bobeam Rootz Shampoo Bar
Conditioner: SheaMoisture Restorative Conditioner
Deep Treatment: SheaMoisture Deep Treatment Masque
Leave-In: Kinky-Curly Knot Today
Styler: Kinky-Curly Curling Custard
Refresher: Kinky-Curly Spiral Spritz
I ordered the Liquid Keratin on Amazon after I learned about it on this site. I applied it myself. I ordered the 4 oz bottle and have been able to use it about 3-4 times. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! Its the only product I have found that actually does exactly what it says it will do- which is the first time since I went natural that I have found a product that does that. (I bought the Anti-Frizz Treatment from Bio-Ionic after learning about it on this website and that product DID NOT WASH OUT, and set me back a whole year and a half and I had to start growing out my hair from scratch) Its super easy to do yourself. I have 3 C hair and found that when I first apply it my hair is amazingly straight and frizz free. I can also wear it curly (after waiting three days) and my hair appears smoother. The only comment I would make as is that it supposed to last 30 days and it has been my experience that by the 3 week, I am eagerly looking forward to re-applying and doing it again. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!! Its the best product ever. I wish I had come across it before coming across the horrible Bio-Ionic.
This brand makes a another product kit (Liquid Keratin Dark) for curlier, coarser hair. I have a crazy mix of mostly 3c with some 3a, 3b, 2c, and 4a mixed in. I want to keep my curls/waves, I just want to loosen them to combat shrinkage. Which Liquid Keratin treatment should I get? The Original or the "DARK"?

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