Liquid Keratin

Ok, I am freaking out about this product. I've wanted to do the Copolla treatment for awhile, but couldn't even consider it because of the pricetag. This stuff sounds like everything I've ever wanted.

Ladies who've used it...keep us updated about what you think!
3a on top and sides/3b underneath...lots of hair

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hi there
i noticed my hair was a little darker after applying the treatment too, but i think it went back to normal after the first wash 48 hours later. see if that is the case for you too. : )
hi there
i noticed my hair was a little darker after applying the treatment too, but i think it went back to normal after the first wash 48 hours later. see if that is the case for you too. : )
Originally Posted by woody
You know that's good to hear...I still have another day to go b4 doing any washing, and my color doesn't look bad, but I know it's not as light as it was previous...after reading your post I feel a little better, I'm hoping it will go back after I wash it again. Thank you!

Just to add as well, I think I did have a slight reaction, my neck in the back did start to get irritated (small rash) I should have probably done some type of patch test, but I didn't...I do tend to be sensitive in the neck area regardless, so maybe it is just me.

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Washed my hair for the first time since I applied the treatment and my hair is awesome. Same as if it was done in the salon. The smell is bit different, but worth it for the results I have achieved.
They don't mention this in the directions, but from what I learned from the Brazililan are.....for the first 48 not put your hair behind your ears, wear any kind of ties or clips in your hair, and if you get any kinks, curls or get it wet, blow dry and use your straighter immediately. Best to color hair same day but color first. If not, color hair 2 weeks after treatment.
It will make your hair healthier......and on humid days you will just love it........
Ahhh......I can't WAIT until Wednesday!!!!! Maybe just maybe it will get here sooner
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Ahh I broke yesterday and ran out to Ulta and bought the kit. I now have to wait until next weekend to use it though, because I can't keep my hair down at work and don't want to ruin the results by pulling it back during my 48 hours on Monday and Tuesday so it will have to wait until next Friday night. It's killing me.

Question though: I'm taking inventory on my haircare products. If they have sodium chloride in it, will it just say "sodium chloride" on the label or is sodium chloride in any other chemicals? I checked my Biolage shampoo and condish and neither of them have it in it, unless it's in another chemical. Moisture Block is okay too, as its just pure dimethicone and another cone that I can't recall off the top of my head.

Oh and how many uses do you guys get out of one box of treatment. The treatment bottle is rather large compared to the shampoos and condishes so I thought there may be 2 uses in there. And can you buy the treatment seperately? I noticed full size bottles of the other products at Ulta but not the treatment.
3a on top and sides/3b underneath...lots of hair

My HG: Sabino Lok & Blok
I would not use any other shampoo products than the keratin products. They sure don't give you too much shampoo and conditioner in the kit. As stated, I use the Brazilian Keratin shampoo and conditioner from my old treatment and it works great. It cost $50 ea. for a 32 oz. shampoo and conditioner, which should last you a long time.
This is the company I order my shampoo from:
I also noticed the beauty supply store that I buy from carries this product.
You all have me VERY interested in this product. CurlyBrunette, you have the same type of hair as I do, and I noticed you use the maxiglide, too. Do you plan to use the maxiglide with is product? I was wondering if it will clog up the holes...
I am now very interested in this product too. I also was wondering if you could use the maxiglide as that is what I have as well. Has anyone ever used Phytospecific Relaxer and can compare the two products. I worry if I did the Phytospecific Index 1 about five months ago if it would be okay to try the Liquid Keratin? Or how long I should wait until I try it? My main problem is trying to find two days that I can wear straight hair and not be bothered by it! I hate my hair stick straight, but that what it seems like you need to do to get this product to work. If anyone has experience with Phyto and this, I would love to know.
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i just bought the full sizes of the LK shampoo, conditioner, leave in, and serum. it is very reasonably priced and now i will have enough until i do another treatment. i think the treatment in the kit is enough for two shoulder length treatments. i definitely used too much the first time. i hope the treatment will be available for purchase separately! i L-O-V-E this stuff! for me it is a life changing product! my curly head has never looked so defined and healthy, and my str8 hair has never been so fasat and easy to acheive. i never tried any chemical str8teners because they are so damaging. i am so glad i waited for LK! 40+years!!
Hi Woody,

Which flatiron did you use for this treatment?

4a, deep waves and pensprings.
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I do plan to use my's the only flatiron I own right now. I'm going to use it with the flat plate though, not the comb one. I don't see why there would be any problem with it. I use product in my hair when I use it now...I just have to clean it with an old soft toothbrush afterward, cuz it does get gunked up after awhile. I'll update Friday when I do the Liquid Keratin treatment and let you know how it goes!
3a on top and sides/3b underneath...lots of hair

My HG: Sabino Lok & Blok
I forgot about the flat plate for the maxiglide. Wonder where I put that...? Please do give us an update!
Thanks for everyone's great input on this product! What happens after it wears off? Does it just fade of gently after 6 weeks and go back to curly? Or can you tell where it was by your regrowth?

Also, do you have to be careful when you do it again over the hair you did 6 weeks prior?

Sorry, I know I'm a worry wart, but it's our fragile hair after all!

Thanks so much.
3B from front hairline to crown--3A-2B in back and sides.
Keratin can be used as often as you like. Keratin is found in your hair naturally, so this treatment enhances what you already have. I suggest if you have more questions to google Brazilian hair treatments, ( as it is very similar with the exception that it uses formaldehyde), you might find your answers there.
Iwash my hair daily, so I may have to do the treatment sooner than 4 weeks.
This is a great product and very, very happy with the results. It is as good as the Brazilian!
I'm intrigued....

Does anyone have before and after pics? I don't trust the ones on the site since I consider those advertisements.

Also when you spray the treatment on and then flat iron, is your hair still wet from the treatment? I was always taught that you never use a flat iron on wet or damp hair. Just wondering.

This might be something I try in the summer when my hair is more difficult to deal with. Plus there should be a lot more reviews by then.
3A curls, fine texture, thin (it's always been that way). A few inches past shoulder length and would like it to grow very long.

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I really really want to try this! Has anyone experienced any damage? My ends are a bit dry and I dont want to damage my hair.
I was wondering the same thing as Starcrosser-do you flat iron it when your hair is wet?
Hi everyone. My hair looks like sh*7 so i want to try this. My hair is just a mix of everything unholy! It's so frizy up on top when i leave it curly, from mid way hair to the bottom, its pretty straight bc i flat iron it SOOOO MUCH that it doesnt curl! so when i curly it, i have this frizz curl on top and stringy straight parts at the end... i dont think it is possible for my hair to look perfect like it does on all of you!!! I just have thick extremely dry hair. SOOO, with that said, i dont wash my hair everyday- more like once a week. and if my hair is straight (flat iron straight- never any chemicals), i'll go maybe a little over a week cause it takes me about 2 hours to straighten it so it's not somthign i care to do often- will the product last me the 6 weeks or more? do i have to wash my hair weekly with the product? i'm guessng it would be easier to wash with the LK so i might wash it more often... not sure... and, do i have to wash after the 48 hours??? cause that's a whole lotta heat for my hair i think...
Hi there,
I am so glad I found this forum. There are few reviews out there about liquid keratin. I purchased my kit and received it a week ago. I wanted to give my 2 cents about the product thus far. Being new to this site, I believe I am between a 3a/3b. I curl and straighten my hair. Mostly I have a frizz problem. I am a product junkey always looking for that magic product that will transform my hair. I was super excited when I read about Liquid Keratin.

Ok, so I followed the instructions to a T! Used a chi straightening iron, let it sit for 48 hours etc. The smell is similar to a spray tan - like how your skin smells while it develops. However, during the process, I didn't find it too bad.

Anyway, when I completed the straightening portion of the treatment, my hair looked like it never had before. The flyaways evenlaid flat. It looked like I had brazilian or south american type hair. It was beautiful. After the 48 hours, I neutralized my hair according to their instructions. I expected that I would have no more frizz. So I put in a very light styling product (on top of the leave in conditioner from the kit) by fekkai (anti-frizz cream). I expected my hair to dry in a nice wave without frizz. WRONG!!! Dissapointingly so. I kept touching it so perhaps I perpetuated the frizzing but still. So, I washed my hair again last night and put in my normal styling cream. Some of it waved, but the top layer still frizzed.

Overall, I expected different results than I have gotten. The top layer of my hair feels really dry too? I know the products states there is a cumulative effect on the hair. Do you have to do the treatment multiple times for it to give non-frizz results? Mind you, I have not yet blow dried my hair since the inital treatment. Perhaps that is a better way to determine the efficacy of the product.

I had not found many honest reviews out there and wanted to give one. By the way, there are a couple reviewers on here (who are new and have only posted on this topic) - beware of their possible biased reviews as they sound like marketers for the company. I will update with how it looks after trying to blow dry! I hope this helps someone
I am new to the board, but I do not work for the company, I just have experience with the Brazilian and the new Keratin products.
I am telling you based on my experiences I have had, and what was told to me, and I speak the truth on my results.
My stylist told me with respect to the Brazilian, that it loves heat, and high at that. That being said, as I mentioned before, when I first did the keratin treatment, I used a very hot iron. After 48 hours, I used the flat iron at the regular temp. that I normally use.
My hair looks awesome, no frizz or flyaways, and think that this product is as good as the costly salon treatment.
No, you can not flat iron damp or wet hair. Blow dry it, and then once dry flat iron it.
I use styling products on my hair with no problem.
Again....I speak from my experience with both products.

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