Need straightening advice, product only, no straightening iron

I've never straightened my hair and I don't know the first thing about it. My 12 year old son is unhappy with his curly hair. He's a 3A like me, but he doesn't want to wear it curly. I've asked if I could style it wet and let it dry curly, he always refuses. I offered to buy him a straightening iron, and he refused. I've offered him mousse and gel and he refuses. Most of his problem is that he's 12 and he feels that all that stuff is "for girls", no matter how much I tell him that men and boys use that stuff too. He brushes it when it's wet, but of course it curls up as it dries.

Are there products out there that you can apply to wet hair, comb through, and then your hair will dry straight? Preferably something "manly". He said he's willing to try something like that if it's a spray. (I guess a spray is not too "girly". *eyeroll*)

This is his hair:


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I would love to find a product like this for my son as well. He is 14 and hates his curly hair. Refuses any kind of "girly" product and flat iron. Unfortunately, he combs his hair all day and it just looks like a poofy mess. So I don't have a solution, but I wanted to let you know you are not alone. I am anxious to hear any replies too.
Well, I'm sorry to say there is no product that will straighten hair. I've spent 20 years looking for myself. The only thing that will really straighten hair is heat or chemicals. However, a good male friend of mine who I lived with in college had curly hair and used to put a hat on right after he showered and his hair would dry not exactly straight, but much straighter and more wavy-like. He was a very low-maintence kind of guy and I'm not sure if he even did it on purpose, but it definitely changed the way his hair looked. Hope this helps! It's tough to be 12 and curly...I remember all too well!
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Is his hair too straight for a perm? It looks like it is, but if not you could use a Natural-laxer from Baka Beauty.

You could also use a liquid keratin treatment. Liquid keratin makes straightironing last for about six weeks, so your son will only have to get his hair straight ironed once every 2 months. Please note the type of keratin treatment used, most of them just reduce frizz and make ironing easier.

Personally, the naturally curly guys I know admit to straight ironing and/or gelling their hair and the ages of my peers range from like 12 to 16 years old.....

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