Getting a phytorelaxer done on Thurs...any advice in general

They'll probably try to push some Phytospecific products on me...any cheaper ones that'll keep my hair in good condition? Thanks!
I saw your post on the curly board so I thought I'd bring the discussion here instead. Seems like you like your results. I have an appointment this Sunday for the same thing. Did your stylist leave the relaxer on for 20 minutes or less? Is there a drastic difference? I'm a little nervous because I haven't had a relaxer since 2002. Did you end up buying any products? Any hair issues resolved since getting the relaxer? Thanks!
Currently kinky but relaxed with Phytospecific Index 1
Hi there! Yes I do like my results. The stylist probably left it on my hair a bit longer than 20 min. Sorry, but I didn't time it. She worked it through really good and then rinsed me immediately. She neutralized it with the shampoo four times and then styled.

My hair is definitely less curly. I can get it straight with ease now and in about ten or fifteen minutes. I then run a flat iron over it in chunky pieces...not piece by piece like before.

I have a smidge curl left but my stylist said that's necessary to prevent over-processing. She said when you get it straight straight there's more room for damage to the follicle...which makes sense to me.

Don't be nervous cause I've done everything to my hair and it hasn't fallen out yet lol. Plus, this relaxer is plant based and organic, so it's very gentle. I have a burn on my scalp in the back from when i was little and a lady used a lye relaxer on me full usually itches when any chemical touches it but it didn't with the phytorelaxer. So it's pretty gentle!

As for products, I bought the moisturizing balm. It smoothes frizzies well and helps with the bit of dryness I have on the ends. My stylist also gave me the milky reconstructor, which is heavenly! I really rec that.

If I can be of anymore help, let me know. Good luck with the procedure! Sorry, I didn't have pics up yet...I'm trying to run my camera battery down before i charge it and to download pictures it has to be in the charging cradle *sigh* lol.
Thanks for the reply. I'll look out for your pictures I'm curious to see how much curl will be taken out of my 4 type hair in twenty minutes. I prepped my hair last night for my Sunday morning appointment. I shampooed, deep conditioned. used a leave in conditioner and pulled my hair into a bun. I'll try to follow the instructions on the site and not flat iron for 8 days after the relaxer but I'm anxious to try my Chi on relaxed hair.

Thanks again!
Currently kinky but relaxed with Phytospecific Index 1
Not a problem! And for the record, my stylist didn't say not to flatiron for 8 days after...I've been doing it and my hair looks fine. I was also afraid that the relaxer wouldn't relax my hair completely but it did. My stylist had 4 type hair and relaxes hers with it, but she used index 1 on me....3a....and uses a mixture of index 1 and 2 on her own hair. Might be something to ask your stylist about to make sure your hair doesn't get too damaged.
bump. just wondering how you guys liked it- and how long do the results last? does your hair grow back in naturally curly or is it hard to go back to the way it used to be? how damaged did you feel like your hair was? thank you!

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I got phytorelaxer done and it killed my hair. I had to chop off 6 inches. It's pretty frizzy now. It's funny because everyone raves about this relaxer. I guess it can mess up some folks' hair.
Where do they do this relaxer in NY?
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To find the nearest retail location or salon near you please contact our customer service department at 1.877.SPECIFIC or by e-mail at

I love the relaxer so far. It's been 8 weeks. I can wear my hair curly or straight.
Currently kinky but relaxed with Phytospecific Index 1

Sorry that the Phytorelaxer messed your hair up. I'm interested in it, but afraid of the damage possibility.

What type of hair do you have?
Any salons in Florida that offer this relaxer??
4a/4b... at this point, Henna has to be my friend, cause I've tried EVERYTHING else!!

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