Help: different texture after straightening @ Dominican Salon [LONG POST]-Updated

Hi everybody, newbie/lurker here. i just want to say hello first before dumping my problem on you guys. >,< where do I begin..WELL. I'm gonna guess and say that my hair texture is[was] 3C/4A/4B in that order from the front/crown-sides/back. My hair also is [was] very thick, regardless if it was wet or dry. here are some pictures [deleted] [deleted] [deleted] fromm "before" in all different states [product/styled/wet]

NOW: here's where my problem is. Two weeks ago [3/20/09] I got my hair straighted @ a Domincan salon because I was going to an event and I wanted to switch it up. Now, supposedly I only got a deep condition and a blow out [which is what I asked for] and a trim [not asked for, but welcomed]. Everything was great. Except that the next Friday [3/27/09]when I washed my hair after wearing it in a doobie during the week. I started to notice something was off.

When I washed my hair, there was this FOUL sulfur reminded me of relaxer/lye! my hair fell out in clumps and it didn't even get curl up like it normally does after washing. At first I tried to rationalize it saying that the smell must be the silicone or whatever styling products they used, and the clumps were from the bantu knot out that I did just the day before...but I just washed it AGAIN [today] and my hair still has that burnt sulfer smell [not as strong but it's there] and I'm still getting large amounts of hair loss [which is WEIRD since I detangled before I washed] as well as it feels thin...and silky!

Silky is NOT my hair texture! Also there is heat damage in the front of my's straight halfway down then it barely curls towards the ends! ={ there are also straight pieces in the back of my hair as well. Actually they're more maybe 3A/B curls which to me is straight for this area since the back of my hair has always been the kinkiest.

Pictures from after I washed *hair is wet* [deleted] [deleted] [deleted]

I have a sinking suspicion that the stylist put a texturizer/relaxer in my hair without my knowledge or consent [and didn't wash it out] right before she blowdried it. WHY? because the whole time she was washing and blowdrying my hair she was trying to convince me that I should get it relaxed. I tried to be as nice as possible and yet still firm that I liked my hair as is, and only wanted a blow out. I also remember there being a big blue jar of SOMETHING that she dipped her hands into and put in my hair before starting to blow dry it, but she had turned the label to the back and the little glimpses that I got of it I couldn't really read it because it was in Spanish.

Not to mention that she made me sit for 15 minutes after putting that stuff in before she even blow dried. At the time I thought she was multi-tasking [she was doing my hair as well as two other ladies [one under the dryer the other a roller set] but now that I think about it...I'm more convinced she put something on it and was letting it "take". [Another weird thing is the rollerset chick was actually another stylist {she washed my hair} which at the time was pissing me off because I was running late and I couldn't understaind why she was doing this girl's hair..who worked there. She'd be there all night..I had somewhere to go!]

Anywho, I'm about to go up to the salon and ask what they used on my hair..and I'm going to try to see if I can get a better look at that blue jar...

*SIGH* What do you guys think? Does it sound like she pulled a fast one? Or am I just paranoid and crazy? Also about this heat damage....what do I do? I can't just cut it off because since it's not only on the ends I'd be left looking like "Patches"....
what to do?!

---please note that when I started typing this message my hair was soaking wet, and now it's about 90% dry..and it still feels SILKY! I have no other products in it aside from conditioner. This is also not normal because as I mentioned before, my hair was very thick and it took FOREVER to dry, with or without product.----

Well that same day I right after I posted this I went to the salon and asked about the product she used. She told me [through a translator..not my own, a random woman in the salon] that she used salon products that I can't buy. I think she thought I wanted to purchase it. I pressed her for the name and she [through the lady] told me it was finishing cream.I tried to look at the blue jar again, but I couldn't see it [it was still on her station] I did manage to see a display case with what looked like the jar {only smaller} and it said "Precciopi" ..."Racciopi" or something. I'm not sure. Has anybody heard of someting like that?

Even still I felt like she wasn't telling the whole truth...I'm going to do as you guys suggested and get an assesment of the state of my hair, and if need be consult a lawyer.


I went to the salon again and basically the same thing happened. The stylist denied anything was wrong. We went back and forth and she said my texture is different because my hair "isn't used to good products" can imagine the conversation after that.Soon, I pretty much got fed up with her and went to talk to a lawyer, who told me that unless she caused permanent damage [as in to the hair folicle] then I have nothing. Unless I sue for having to go to another salon to get corrective services...but that would mean I'd have to get chemicals ON TOP of the mess she made to curl-i-fy my hair..which I'd rather just braid my hair and cut it when it gets yea. I'm pretty much out of luck here. I just know not to do that again.. =/

Thank you, to everyone who replied.

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I'm so sorry about this. I'm an amature, but I think the only thing you can do about heat damage is to cut it off, it won't revert so I guess you could "transition" it out and then cut it off. Now if you find out they used a texturizer on your hair, you could sue them bc that is not what you asked for, atleast you deserve some compensation or your money back. I would raise hell if I were you.
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Wow. Sounds like you've been 'lyed' to, and that is NOT funny. I cannot believe they did that to you. What you could maybe do is go have a regular professional, licensed cosmetologist examine your hair and tell your story. It sounds like grounds for a lawsuit. She obviously permed your hair. I am so sorry this has happened to you. I have heard about irregular practices and unlicensed beauticians working in those shops, which is why I am really leery of those places, even though admittedly I am curious. Contact and consult with a lawyer as well. This isn't right. Now I'm even more scared than before to let anyone else but me touch my hair. Good luck, and let us know what happens. Keep us updated. And if you do go back and confront that woman, bring an interpreter with you so no one can pull the 'no English' on you.
I second the notion to bring someone who speaks Spanish with you so they can read the jar and interpret all the things that get said in Spanish in front of you as you bring up this obviously uncomfortable subject.

I am so so sorry. I am enraged for you right now! I HATE pushy hairdressers who think they know what is best for you.

Please keep us updated...
I can't remember how to spell it, but that phonetically sounds like a texturizer/relaxer I read about that is derived from snail slime.
I used to go to a dominican salon and my hair dresser used to press me to get a relaxer i just stopped going.
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I know its a bit late but I know exactly what product they placed in your hair, its called Roccio its an Italian product and in Spanish we call is Rizo. Its in a dark blue jar, they usually sell it in most beauty supplies, I also have a jar at home. What that poduct does is smoothen your hair, not relax it, to then be blowdried for a sleek straight look from root to tip, aka a fresh relaxer look. As our Dominican stylist taught us, you can only apply a small amount, mostly at the roots, and you should get great results. But you can only ever use that product twice, because if you ever use it more than that your hair will dry out and break off. It looks like your stylist applied it incorrectly and used way to much on your head in one sitting, thats why your hair fell off and it had that certain smell, hope that helped

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