disappointed with straightened hair

I straightened for the first time in just about a year. I set my hair on large rollers and sat under the dryer. Admittedly, I got tired of waiting and turned off the dryer a bit prematurely. But still, the ends looked scraggly and some of the pieces looked like straw (that too-straight, no-body look). And some places in the front have dents from where the clip was.

It took me over over and hour and a half to roll them and dry it, and it still looks like caca.

Maybe I've lost my good straightening technique by going an entire year without doing it? Or had it always looked this...disappointing, and I just never realized?

I do want versatility...but I worry that a straightening iron will be too damaging.

Any other suggestions?


After not straightening your hair for so long, you might have lost a technique or two. As for the flat iron, a good ceramic iron should not be bad on your hair. I've been told by a stylist that with less chemical (I have about 3 inches of relaxer left) the hair is safer. Go for it, if you want it straight for a spell. I am on my way to the bathroom to do just that momentarily.

I co washed my hair last night, saturated with leave-in and then braided in four sections. My hair is dry now and I will probably test a few strands to see if flat ironing alone works OR if I will need to run the blow dryer through it even if just momentarily.
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Curls 2 be tell me your result. Ive never been able to braid dry..then flat iron my hair to perfection it always looks yucky. To get flowy nice hair I have to rollerset or blowdry then flat iron. I hate both so I usually set the rollers and sleep in them, and flat iron in the am. keep me posted.
foxycus02...Glad you asked. HATED it! Well, I fell serious victim to a humid day and wind after ALL of my hard work!!!

Because of the effort to flat iron in thin sections to get it the straightest, I spent over 2 hours on my hair just to set foot outside, walk three blocks and end up looking like I was caught in the 80's in some big-hair contest. I am certain I could have won...

The most disappointing part is that I was actually out of town and scheduled to work in one of our other office locations (speaking engagement, mind you) and wanted to wear styled hair as opposed to my 'transitioning' ponytail. Needless to say, I made an emergency run to Walgreens for a hair clip and showed up the next day with my transitioning doo!

I am truly scarred from wearing straight hair, perhaps until winter months and have made an appointment to have my relaxed ends CHOPPED! Enough is enough...
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I like straight looks sometimes too. I had my hair blow dried and flat ironed but that was just too much! I think either a roller set and blow out, roller set and flat iron, or just the flat iron will be enough to straighten safely every once in a while. My hair is super dry right now, and I am desperately trying to pump moisture back into it.
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I would suggest blowdrying it straight w/ a round brush to get it as straight as you can. Then run over the spots that need extra attention with a ceramic iron- if you only plan on doing it once in a while, just get a Hot tools ceramic (good price for a great product). But if you want to do it more often, i'd invest in a Chi/Sedu. The less iron you use, the better (they are so much hotter than blowdryers). And make sure you use a good heat protectant (silicone based is a must) while your hair is wet, before you start using the heat appliances. After & before, I would do a DT to help prevent breakage and ensure that your hair regains its strength afterwards. HTH!

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Can you please recommend some good silicone products?
Whoever said silicones are a must- no they are not. and ceramic flat irons don't damage your hair even close to the amount of damage you get with a regular one.
ive noticed that my hair is getting wavier , it could be my haircut but its most likely the straigthening.. im wondering how to rehydrate my hair.. against the damage? because im not plannign to straighten my hair anymore.. thanks

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