ISO or Sedu?

I'm debating one which straightener to get. I've heard both are great but what are your personal opinions?

Curls: 3a/3b

Last December I purchased the Sedu Revolution and I LOVE IT. The plates are so smooth and it glides through my hair without snagging or pulling. The Sedu has an adjustable temp dial and it heats up very quickly. It comes with a styling DVD which instructs you on how to flip, curl and create other cute styles.

The only downfall is the cord tangles quite easily. I tried the ISO at one of the kiyosk booths in the mall, but in the end, I chose the SEDU and I recommended it to all of my friends!
The Sedu hands down it's more expensive than a lot of other straighteners but it's worth it. It's amazing.
I have the sedu and love it! My only regret is that I got the 1 1/2 plate. I think I could do more with the 1 inch.

I have thick, thick, thick, curly hair-about 4a before keratin, about 3b now. I have never had a different flat iron before though.

The sedu makes my hair perfectly straight and I have no frizz (but that may be the keratin).
sedu hands down
is the best hair investment
i have unrelaxed 4a/3c hair and the sedu gets it silky straight with just ONE pass
hair type: 3c
my hair is puffy, curly kinky, wavy, straight all at once
Products: garnier frutis sleek and shine leave in coditioner, coconut oil, shea butter, IC styling gel, aloe vera gel,Tresemme straightening gel, IC heat protetor serum.
favorite styles:wash and goes, twist/knot outs, sleek and straight,and curlie fros bc they make me look taller

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