blow out = frizz

I live near the ocean and my hair is 2c-3a below my shoulders. It doesn't matter what kind of product I put in my hair, if I blow dry it with a round brush, the minute I walk down the street it curls up and gets frizzy.
Help! I just moved here and look horrible!
2c-3a thick hair, 2" below shoulders, long layers
I had the same experience when I went to Ocean city Maryland for the weekend...the ocean air made my hair super frizzy...I had never seen anything like it...looked like I had been electrocuted

I would suggest give up on the straightening and try just going with the curl...maybe with jessicurl/ or curl keeper products
The one good thing is that your hair has a lot more body because the humidity expands the shaft.
If you are going to be there a while maybe try getting a hair cut that will work better with the curl.

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