Brazilian Hair Straightening

Has anyone heard of Brazilian hair straightening? This may have been posted awhile back, so if so I apologize, but I just read up on it. It seems to be similar to a Keratin straightening treatment because it is sometimes called the Brazilian Keratin Straightening Treatment as well. It lasts 3 months but it contains formaldahyde (eek). Here is an article that discusses it in more depth:

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Yes I did it on Friday June 5th just washed it today. I have lots of fine 3c hair I wasn't expecting it to be as straight as it is. I'm still figuring out it out. I think I need a deep conditioner and hair cut.
I got mine done on May 29th and I love it. I also didn't think my hair would be as straight as it is but its exactly what I wanted. I had to get a lot cut off but my ends were pretty fried already from using my flat iron (i only used it once a week but my ends were still fried).

I still haven't gotten the hang of it. The other day it took me 25 minutes to dry it but I think its b/c I'm still treating it as if it was super curly (I have 3b/3c hair). What I do love is that I work out and sweat A LOT but now it still ends up straight after. After today's work out I'm going to try to let it air dry and see how it comes out.

Still, I dont regret getting this done at all. I love it and will continue to do this
3b I think
is Brazilian straightening the same as Keratin treatment?

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