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Does anyone know about getting a perm on naturally curly hair, in order to get bigger and looser curls instead of small tight curls ?

I haven`t permed my hair in years but I can say it took a perm way too well. The last perm I had was done with the biggest perm rods she had and it was still pretty tight curls.

That being said, if you can find a perm specialist, there are some really neat methods they are employing now that don`t involve tradtional perm rods, i.e., rags, foils, etc. I`ve seen those perms look really soft and natural looking, in pics, but I`m not sure whether they were curlies to start with.
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Hm I was thinking about getting it wouldn't make it any softer would it? Or just much easier to handle? Like, would you still need products and stuff to keep the curl in? Any pics would be appreciated
Perming any hair, whether straight or very curly, it's just basically reconstructing the curl pattern. Some women with very curly hair have their hair permed to loosen the wave, while others with stick straight hair have it permed to get some kind of movement and body.

Either way, it's a chemical process and it's very tempting for me to say, "Yes, you're hair will look great!" But the truth is, whenever you do something chemical to your hair, you damage it beyond repair. The only way for it to return to its original state would be if you were to grow it out 100% untouched. The chemicals blow out the cuticle, reshape the cortex to give it that curl pattern, and then you need to add another chemical to neutralize the hair--or, reclose the cuticle/"seal the deal"...

Feel free to get a perm done, but understand it will most likely not feel softer or look shinier. It will have a new shape, but you will still need to use products in your hair, especially since you blew out the cuticle... you'll need products to smooth out that damage and keep it from being super frizzy.

Most hair will take to perms pretty well, but I usually would recommend using rods a size larger than what you think you'll need, as sort of a buffer against your hair taking it "too well", if that makes sense...
This is something I have wondered about for some time. I have type 3A curly hair which I am trying to grow long and I'm hating it at the moment - I look like a 1980s football Player!

I'm trying not to keep straighten it but would be interested to know if anyone has ever permed their curly hair and what was the result thanks x
If anyone has had a perm, my advice would only to brush or comb permed hair while it’s wet. If brushed or combed when dry it will make it look frizzy.
My hair is 2b/c. With pretty thin curl clumps and a different curls wave pattern to each. I have thought about a perm sent I would have freaked access to it going to school. But my hair is in pretty bad shape right now for some reason breaking off and falling out so I'm going to have to wait on that and think about it for a while.

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I have had loads of perms before, ages ago. They look wonderful for the first two months, then you are stuck with horrible, dry, poofy hair :/ The ends turn into puffballs that can't be you have to keep getting trims till the whole darn mess is out of your hair, as another poster mentioned earlier in this thread...I myself would never have it done again.

Having said that, at the time I did these chemical treatments, I didn't know much about looking after curly hair properly...and things have likely changed since then, they probably have better quality perms out there. (my last one was about 7 years ago). So if you have it done, you will have to super baby/pamper your hair...

Dunno. If I were you, I would read and research very carefully...and then, I would pick the absolute best perm specialist...expect to pay a lot, too - last time I had my hair this long (way past BSL) and had it permed, it cost me over $200!
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