On my way to high school[:

Okay, so I graduated the eighth grade yesterday and I'm already focused on what I want my hair to look like in high school. But I have something in mind, I want it relaxed(straight not loosen curls) then trimmed and layered. My question is what perms can do this for my tight curly hair. Keep in mind that I am biracial and I have 3b curls(:

Thanks a bunch!
before you commit to a relaxer, have you tried flat ironing yet? a relaxer is a big thing before you do that i suggest you put alot of though into and make plans for ways to keep it healthy =]
3c/4a fotki [update 4/18/09]
approaching BSL
BC 4/26/08! Last relaxer April '07

aussie moist /suave coconut conditioner (cowash/leave-in)
long aid activator gel
random condish+honey+olive oil+cocnut milk+whole milk+conditioner (DT)
finger combing>>>>Tangle Teaser
A relaxer is permanent and flat ironing will allow you to go back to your curls when u want to. But if you are very active (like sports, etc.), a relaxer could keep frizzing at a minimum. So if I had to suggest a relaxer it would be Phyto Specific probably Index1. I used it before and if you only leave it in a short time about 15 mins start to finish. It allows you to keep some curl or wave. First you should try flat ironing so you could go back to curly if you don't absolutely love it. Good Luck Hope this helps
Hello, FleurdeLis & katherinelovesevryone!
Yes, I very much have tryed flat ironinq and with the way my hair is and the time of year it is, It never works. My curls are unruly and annoying, so that's why I'd prefer to use a relaxer. I have relaxed my hair before. My mom used to do it when I was around age nine. But I havent done it in forever(: Plus, they were childrens relaxers and they never seemed to work right. Thanks for your advice!

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