Fresh Look Relaxer???

Hey everyone! I was looking around online and I came across the Fresh Look Relaxer. It claims to be all natural, and I would really like to try it. I was wondering if anyone here has tried it or heard anything about because I'd really like some imput before I go ahead and do it. Here is the link:

They're rather coy in their FAQs about exactly what it is, but I was able to glean that its chief ingredient is "alkaline water" and it has a pH of 12.

OOPS! Sounds like a relaxer to me!

Maybe it's a milder form but that's what it is. I am reminded of the claims made by Phytorelaxer, which say it's made from "egg and soya." Well, maybe it is, but its chief ingredient is a good old chemical relaxer.

So I'm skeptical. But I'll let an actual chemist weigh in!
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