Help - suggestions needed

I want to get my hair straightened or relaxed. I have 3a curls. I tried chi chemical straighteining 2 years ago and it damaged my hair badly. Now it's slowly getting back to normal. But I find managing curly hair very time consuming and tiresome.

I have many family functions to attend from this month till september. So I want a method which can keep my hair straightened/relaxed for atleast 3 months.

How is coppala keratin treatment? I researched on the site and found that it doesn't even work on some people. Is it true?

Are there any other treatments besides chi and coppala which can be trust worthy?

I am trying to concieve and I want treatments which are not harmful at this point of time. I know there won't be anything like that possibly but I am hoping to know about something which is less risky. Please help.
If you're concerned about your health in any way, it's probably best to wait, or not do it at all. I've had many years of experience with relaxers and thermal reconditioning, and just because it's "straight" doesn't mean it's less time consuming, in my experience.

I hate to ask, but have you tried CG?

Regardless of what you choose, maybe cute updos would be the best/easiest for the next few months of functions?
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