Coppala keratin - few qs

Hi gals,

Anybody who's got Coppala Keratin treatment, could you answer a few questions for me please? P.S: only genuine posters please.

1. How long is the treatment effective?

2.I read we shouldn't tie it with a band or use a hairclip after the it only during the 72 hours before washing or after that too?

3. What happens once the treatment wears off...does your natural hair return or does it leave damaged and unruly hair?

4.. Have you expereinced any hair fall or breakage after the treatment?

5. Chemically, how safe is it for pregnant women?

Thanks a lot in advance.
I was reading the sticky on this subject. Why are all the posters in there very new. It's either their 1st, 2nd or 3rd post on the forum. Are there no regular posters who had done the treatment and liked/not liked it?
Sorry, I am a "new poster" and I don't post often...take my experience for whatever you want...

I have been getting the Coppola treatment done for over a year...I have had it done 6 times and LOVE it! The length of time it is effective depends on your hair type, how often you wash your hair and what other processes you have done...I relax my hair as well and notice right after the relaxer, some of the keratin seems to wear off...that is why I get it done so often (I probably don't need to, but I LOVE the way my hair looks and feels) I also recently highlighted as well (this is the first time I have relaxed, highlighted and Coppola'd...time will tell how it works out...

You can not wear ANYTHING in your hair for the first 72 can't even tuck your hair behind your is a REALLY crummy few days! After your first shampoo (72 hours later) you can go back to doing whatever you used to do...clips, pony tail holders, hats, etc...

You will know as the treatment starts wearing won't happen overnight...your hair will start to take longer to dry and humidity will begin to affect it slightly...the longest I have gone is 3 months so I don't know if I can be a good judge of that one...

Regarding hair breaks less with the treatment...this is the longest my hair has ever been, the best condition it has ever been in...the treatment helps protect the hair from breakage...I was the biggest skeptic - when I first had it done, my hair was smoking as she was drying and flat ironing heart sank and I thought all my hair was going to break off or fall was just the product smoking and it is supposed to do that I answer your question - no breakage!

I have no idea about being pregnant...sorry!

Good luck, you will LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!
naturallyfrizzy - do u do it urself evry few months?? or goto the salon?

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