ISO a really good flat iron

From what I've gathered the most popular irons seem to be GHD, CHI and Sedu. I have extremely thick, curly hair (see fotki link) though and you never know if the people posting the reviews do as well. I'm pretty sure the GHD and CHI don't have temperature adjustment dials.

Does anyone have any of these irons? How do they work?
I have had a couple of straighteners, but GHDs are far the best I've had. I use the little ones because they get in closer to the root, but if your hair is particularly thick I would go for the biggest ones because you'll be able to get through more hair at a time.
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I've never used those, but I have an FHI flat iron that I like. I have a 1" FHI Platform that I bought from It has a temperature control.

There's also the FHI Technique which doesn't have a temp control and stays at 410 degrees.

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