Relaxing help!

Hey everyone, I've got a couple questions about relaxing before I take the plunge. I'm thinking about doing an at-home application of Rusk anti-curl.
1. What formula should I use?I'm a 3a and I want to go to 2a and my hair has heavy blonde highlights.
2. How long should I leave the formula in to go to 3a to 2a.
3. Should I use deep conditioner a few days before I do the treatment as well as afterwards?
4. Does it come with directions?

Lisa Gaye Hamilton from the practice uses the Rusk Anti-curl. Are you sure you don't want a professional to do it?
4b is me
If you are in the NYC city area I recommend Curlisto on 5th Ave. Get a Bio Softener- its costly ($300) but it makes your hair look absolutely amazing. Plus its only semi-perminant so it eventually washed out (Usually in 4-6months) It's the best of both worlds. I'm happily satisfied. I love my hair! I went form a 3C/4A to a 2B/3A and its beautiful. So much easier to handle. Its only 4% Chemical and 96% botanicals. It's definitely worth it!
All natural for the second time since October 30, 2010 after cutting the last 3-4 inches of t-laxed hair. I am learning to love and style my curly 3C/4A hair without frying it with the flat iron

My goal is to have BSL hair again in 18 months! I'm a PJ and always on the look out for my Holy Grail!

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