TR with fine hair?

Has anyone done this? I have thin/fine hair that I color due to greys. Anyone color and have TR? Thanks!
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I just got TR but my hair isn't terribly fine. I was told that they have a different strength of the chemicals that they use for colored hair.

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I got TR done in singapore in june and i coloured it 2 months after that they told me 2 wait a month then u can dye it. Sadly i had long hair way down my bak and i coloured it several times in one month (I no pathetic but it turned orange) neway now it overprocessd and i had and i mean HAD 2 gt it choped off.
What is TR???
On a new hair growth challenge
Hair type: Who knows???

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Thermal Relaxer (professional straightner)
3a fine, thin, loose curls

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