Don't do it!!

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to warn everyone (I'm sure you've heard it a million times, but I figured I'd try anyway) to not straighten your hair (or at least only for special occasions.)

I straightened mine like 3 times a week for the last 8 months, and even with using every deep conditioner and heat protectant under the sun, I woke up one morning and realized I had lost 3 inches of hair. I am so upset. Now I'm stuck wearing it curly every day... and it's shorter than I've ever had my hair (just passed shoulder length.) I miss my mid-back length princess curls!

Now I take hair vitamins and clip my hair while it's wet to stretch it to try to make it longer. I'm so angry I took my beautiful curls for granted. I look at old pictures and just wonder what I was smoking to do that to my hair for so long! don't let society's love of straight hair ruin your natural blessing. PLEASE!

I'll have to wait at least 3 more months until this damage is reversed and I'm sooo self conscious. Save yourself the trouble!!!! I have now switched from the Straightening thread to the growing out thread. Sadness.

xoxo kirsten
<3 Kirsten [KEER-stin]

password: curls

Now I take hair vitamins and clip my hair while it's wet to stretch it to try to make it longer.
Originally Posted by k33rstyn
I'm not sure that trying to "stretch" your hair is such a good idea, it will probably end up breaking.
Also for all the curlies out there, if you MUST straighten try it with a blow dryer and a round brush. It does less damage, looks better and lasts longer in my opinion.
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It's perfectly fine, I use duck bill clips. It's just like having extra hair weigh it down.
<3 Kirsten [KEER-stin]

password: curls

You are an inspiration!!

Looking forward to chatting more on the curly side of things!!

You should post over in the 3b section too!
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Looking to try Devacurl Decadence line next! Can't wait to try it.

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