even though i'm now wearing my hair curly, i'd like to wear it straight sometimes too. the thing is, with my chi, it takes me like 3-4 hrs to straighten (ugh!). so, i've read a lot of great things about the sedu on but most of the people have very loose curls, like 2b-3a. with my chi, i have to go over like 5-10 times to get it PERFECT. plus my hair sometimes gets stuck or tugged. so, is the sedu good enough to straighten my hair and quickly so i can do it spontaneously? pictures are in my fotki!!

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i think the sedu would work well. i want it. here's a tip for the time consuming i used to have a similar problem but use a slightly higher heat setting maybe 350- does the chi have heat settings? i heard it doesn't actually Also go slow down the piece of hair and you should only have to do it twice or three times.

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