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mslaurats 07-28-2006 02:18 PM

Wash set and blowdrying?
So I went to a dominican hair salon and had a wash and set....after I was done with the hood dryer the hairdresser asked me if I wanted to then furhter straighten with the blowdryer and brush. I said "no"
because I figured it would be pretty damaging...and my hair already looked pretty straight after she took the rollers out. It turns out, I woke up the next morning with some curl and frizz.
So my question is...does the blowdrying with the brush after the wash and set/hood dry actually keep the hair more straight for longer?

Also is the brush/blowdry more damaging then the hood drying?

drineybear 07-30-2006 12:20 PM

the blowdry with the brush will get your hair straight and most likely keep it straight longer than a rollerset. The only drawback is heat from the blowdryer is worse on your hair than a hooded dryer.

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