Ok, I just tried a straightener today. I had a friend help me we pulled on it for like twenty minutes and it still didn't go straight! We then continued by hot ironing it after the treatment was done and the hair was dry hoping it would hold a little bit. It is not straight but my hair is HUGE!!! How can i stop this it's like 3B wideness and body but straight im like 0_0. So is there any suggestions?
Take small pieces when you straighten, use BioSilk Silk Therapy or a knock off and you should do just fine.
Hair Type: 3C Natural, 3B Relaxed. I'm transitioning!

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i have no idea my mom picked it out for me and we couldnt do it in sections cause my hair tagled
Unfortunately, if you didn't get your hair COMPLETELY smooth and straight while the relaxing solution was on it, your hair won't be straight. A relaxer basically breaks down the bonds of your hair and rearranges them. If your hair was tangled while the solution was on it then that's how the bonds will stay. You also have to do it in sections so that each section is totally saturated withthe solution, then it has to be combed through so that the hair is smooth and straight. At this point, I would say your best bet is to deep condition at least twice a week for a couple months. Then, go to a salon to have any damage trimmed off and talk to a stylist about a straightener if you still want one. You MUST find out what straightener you used and what the active ingredient was so you can let the salon know. There are different active ingredients in different straighteners and if you use certain ones over what you've already used you could end up with breakage and damage. Good luck!

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