Does the Sedu work for 4A/4B Hair?

I bought the Sedi over the weekend and tried it out this morning. I didn't get good results. I just look like my hair is blow dried and the ends are not good. My hair was trimmed maybe 2 weeks ago so I don't think that's it. Any tips or should I just send it back? I used IC heat protectant and nexxus heat protectant as well as a leave-in and essential hair oils.
unless it really doesn't work, i think it's all about technique and heat setting.
Try combing through your hair while you use the Sedu and spritz some oil on the ends, let the oil sit a while so it doesn't sizzle. Also try to flatiron the smallest sections as possible, it may take a little longer but it works better that way.

oh yea the heat setting is extremely important as well.
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Ok, I did get a lot of sizzle with the heat protectants. I had it set on 360 after 320 really didn't get any results. I'm scared of the highest setting. A friend told me I may have to blow dry with ionic hair dryer first??? That seems like way too much heat. There was smoke just with the iron.
I had the exact same problem. Puzzled me for nearly a month.

Then I bought a blow dryer with a comb attachment and voila!-- problem solved. Since it means an extra round of heat (drying THEN straightening) tread with caution, though.

Good luck.

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