Buying Keratin treatment. What one should I buy??

I've finally decided to buy an at home kit, probably from ebay. I know its kinda a guess when you buying from ebay but I was wondering if you guys have any suggestion what one I should buy and which one will do the best job of straightening/de frizzing my hair. Links would be great thanks!
Has anyone bought a good keratin treatment that worked well for them. If so, were did you buy it from? Thanks.
It really depends on which type you want. Some are higher in formaldehyde than others. Some you have to leave in 3 days, some you can wash out same day.

I've ordered Coppola twice from ebay. One was Coppola, the other was not. You really don't know what you'll get. Read the reviews and make sure they've been around a while, not changing names when everyone catches on that the product is not what is advertised.

On LHCF, Dream Hair is very popular right now. 2% formaldehyde though. QOD is high too, but has many happy users. Softliss is a good one, and you can wash same day. Inoar is same day wash and has a good rep. Coppola is good, if you can find it. It would be best to stick with a name brand.

The best thing about diy is you can experiment. I do mine about once a month and I get better each time. My hair is shoulder length and I use a little over an ounce and I try to keep the heat reasonable. It doesn't look all gunky when I don't wash for 3 days. It's probably not as smooth as if I had it done in a salon, but 99% better than naturally frizzy. I can do NI color the weekend before and seal it with the keratin.

Good luck picking one out. I have to decide soon whether to try something new or wait for Coppola to show back up.
k thanks a lot. When I make my decision i will post the link so I can get one last opinion.
My next BKT purchase will be QOD Gold--no particular reason...just curious to see if it really is better.

If you're interested in non-formaldehyde formulas, I know that Natura has one. I'm curious to know how well these work.

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I've decided to go with this one. I've heard great things about QOD gold. What do you gals/guys think about this. Does the seller look reliable and will this product be a good choice, thanks.
cool...let us know how it goes. I just purchased some off ebay but I got the encanto brazil bkt bc I didnt see any listings for qod...but the seller feedback was all good. Ill def. let yall know how it goes.
cool...let us know how it goes. I just purchased some off ebay but I got the encanto brazil bkt bc I didnt see any listings for qod...but the seller feedback was all good. Ill def. let yall know how it goes.
Originally Posted by mhtinkerbell

How did the encanto go?
What were the immediate/ long term results like?
The immediate results were great. My hair was soft and a lot straighter. However it wore off very quickly. In about 2 weeks it was noticeably wearing off. I used the shampoo that came with the product every day and sauve naturals conditioner. Maybe the sauve naturals was making it wear off fast or maybe its because i was shampooing every day I'm still trying to figure it out. Today I am buying a new conditioner though. I will repost after about a week of using this new conditioner. Oh ya I just finished another treatment about 2 hours ago. Hopefully this one will last longer!
Yes conditioner! What should I get? Or what have you bought?

Please let me know how it goes
any tips for the process? Fans, gas masks etc

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