one 'n only Curl Remover

is this product permanent or semi permanent?
They say it's semi-permanent, I believe.
Trader Joe's Tingle conditioner wash/ conditioner
AG re:coil, LALooks gel, John Frieda Secret Weapon
My daughter is happy = success. is not stick straight but this time, it took MUCH more of her curl out. She's happy having wavy hair.
I think I could do this myself after watching my stylist.
I will post an after picture soon!
curlisa, glad to hear your daughter is happy with the results!

AfroChick, sorry, I thought I was replying to a different thread, about Curlaway Relaxer, I believe this one is a permanent relaxer.
Trader Joe's Tingle conditioner wash/ conditioner
AG re:coil, LALooks gel, John Frieda Secret Weapon
thanx, i will probably try this product anyway, my hair is giving me some trouble

curlisa: can you explain how the stylist applied the product so that i can do it myself at home when i buy it
This product was horrible for me.

It did remove some (not alot) of the curl, BUT it left it in HORRIBLE condition. my hair is now dryer and frizzier than it has ever been. I basically have to flat iron my hair now if I want to let it down because this product damaged my hair so much.
that sucks, are you sure you put it in right? how long did you leave it in? did you use a deep treatment before you used it? i heard that its really improtant you do, maybe you should wait a while and try it again
that sucks, are you sure you put it in right? how long did you leave it in? did you use a deep treatment before you used it? i heard that its really improtant you do, maybe you should wait a while and try it again
Originally Posted by afrochick
I did use a deep conditioner and I left it in for not even 15 minutes. Thank god I didnt leave it in any longer.

I guess this product just depends on each person hair, cos I have spoken to a few others who had the same result that I had. :[
First, my stylist washed and towel dried my daughters hair. Then, combed through and sectioned it so that there were 4 sections. ( Like a "t " if you looked down on your head. ) She started on the section in back, near her neck, and would take smaller pieces maybe 1 1/2" -2" wide and applied the formula along the hair keeping it 1/4" away from the scalp. She used her fingers to rake it though initially and after the whole head was done, she set the timer for however long the directions said ( I don't remember ) then she used a wide tooth comb and continuously combed the formula through. She then rinsed according to directions...I think 5 min... towel blotted...combed through and sectioned again the same way to apply the neutralizer. The first time, I bought 1 Blue box for "normal" hair. This time I bought 2 Purple "resistant" formula boxes. My daughter has long thick hair and 2 boxes was perfect. Again...she doesn't care that it's not perfectly straight. She's just happy that it's much more relaxed and easier to use a flat iron if she wishes. She likes the waves. Just a note: Her hair and mine has different curl patterns throughout the hair. Whereas her hair is much more curly and dense in back versus the front and sides. Having had this is more straight in front than in back.

Please, if you decide to buy this, read the directions carefully. I would also recommend someone help you apply this. I think it might be awkward to do yourself. jmo. GOOD LUCK!

cassandra complex, I'm sorry you had such a horrible experience! My daughters hair doesn't appear to have been damaged at all.


AFTER: ( she didn't want her pic taken )
thanx! ive decided that im probably going to go to my stylist instead.
your daughter has beautiful natural curls and my hair is so much thicker.

password: afrochick
you're very welcome! you are gorgeous, afrochick! good luck with your decision.
This product is extremely tempting...for the last few weeks i have been thinking of trying it...I am just so scared that it is going to damage my hair. I have no idea what "type " of curly hair that i have, and I am so scared that if i were to try it then i would experience damage.

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Has anyone tried the One N Only Thermal Straightener? I wonder if it would work better to straighten and if it is more damaging. Hmm...
I just used the normal formula curl remover today. I loved it! I mainly focused on my roots and ear up area to try to get out my 4a kinks some. It loosened my kinks into a wave. I also applied a light amount to my length (3c) and it loosed the curls up a tiny bit (probaby to 3a). Best part is my hair isn't frizzy/pouffy anymore!! It's defined. I couldn't get the comb though my hair with the product in so I just kinda kept pressing my hair flat with my hands. I think that's how I got rid of my crown pouffy stuff.

I've never been able to wear my hair down nautrally and I can right now. I put some aloe vera gel on my ends to help to dryness. I'm going to wait 3 days to wash then I'll see what the final results are.

As for damage: My hair was flat ironed daily for 2 years, it's damaged and breaking but i keep it under control with S&D trims. Only new damage I noticed is that it's drier then normal but I think that might be because I didn't condition after the treatment. Nothing some oil and a deep treatment couldn't handle.

Edited to Add: For reference, I left Step 1 on for 10 minutes on roots and ~8 for length.
Do you know if the "One 'N Only Curl Remover - Normal" product uses strong chemicals that can burn/sting my sclap or damage/cause baldness or loss of hair?

Also.. do I need to purchase any other products before/after i use this product?
I have used this product before. Curl Remover works great to loosen your curl. I have extremely curly and frizzy hair and it left my hair looser....not straight, or even wavy, but looser and very smooth. As someone else mentioned, the only problem is future applications. This is the reason I stopped using it.

It is very hard to get just on the roots...when I would try this it would sort of pull at my roots and get all tangly where the comb stopped (even though I detangled prior to use)...and I would be scared that leaving the product on tangly hair would damage that area so I would have to comb through...this was very bad for my hair, after using the product on several occassions it would make it very dry, damaged, dull and straw-like.

It also has a HORRIBLE chemical smell, of course. You cannot close the door to your bathroom or you will inhale all those fumes and feel woozy....and then your entire house stinks for days! My family always got mad at me when I used it. Your hair will also stink...I would apply the strongest fruitiest smelling conditioner after using Curl Remover but my hair would still stink of chemicals.

I guess for myself it is not good as a product for continuous use but more for a special occasion sort of thing. I havent used it in a very long time and I just might use it sometime soon.
thanks for the input on this...I bought some but have been hesitant to use, I considered taking it the salong and allowing them to apply it...

BC - 25 July 2006
I tried it...the smell was a little rough, but I just made sure I had the fans wasn't any worse than when I used to get my hair relaxed...

The results I saw were no frizz and some smoothness...I did see a some loosening of my curl, not too much though, but I am happy with the results.

BC - 25 July 2006
Hi, I know this question is being asked many times but again, can anyone who used this give me a review about the after effects. Did you have any hair damage, increase in frizziness, dry hair or any other sort of damage?
want to consider getting this product.. any suggestions? I have thick hair semi-long [about my shoulders] and very curly and frizzy, thinking of getting two bottles of the heaviest one. [I am 14]

I am trying to convince my mom that things like this work so please either message me or post here with info and reasurring comments! thanks so much!! :]
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