one 'n only Curl Remover

So I too have been VERY frustrated with my locks lately. I feel like I do everything for it, from driving 20 miles just to get AOHR... the only thing I haven't tried is curl keeper, however I feel it won't do what I want. I have 3b possibly 3c curls and now I'm considering this product. The only problem is I don't want to use it and become a slave to it. I don't want to have to keep reapplying. Does it wash out eventually? If I decided not to do my roots would I end up with two different heads of hair? Or would it gradually washing out of my hair as I let the rest grow out?
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The ingredients seem just like any "relaxer". They are using sodium hydroxide (lye) which chemically alters the structure of you hair. Once you use it the change is can't was it out. If your willing to relax your hair, maybe you should look at alternatives like Coppola Keratin treatment, or japanese straightening. They are more expensive, but they last a long time, they are permanent, and it would be safer to have a professional do something like that for you as opposed to buying a "relaxer" and doing it yourself. Good luck!
Last relaxer April 1, 2014

BC - February 2015
I work at Sally's so I bought the curl remover out of sheer curiosity. I have natural spirally curls, and my hair is really pretty damaged. I color my hair regularly, my ends have been bleached twice, and for about a year, I had my hair in dreads. To prepare for this, I used the Aphogee two step protein treatment the weekend before, used the Aphogee two minute treatment three days before.

I did a test strand, on which I clarified with the Ion clarifying shampoo, but forgot for the rest of the hair because I got distracted, used a ph balancing spray directly before application, and combed the relaxer in. On my test strand, I kept it on for 8 minutes, and it's the most frizz free, straightest piece. For the rest of my hair, (i didn't apply it to my roots, maybe about two inches from my scalp to the ends. I've got that curl pattern that starts about three inches from my root.) I only had the solution on for five, I was so nervous because of the damage, but it certainly calmed my curl and has made my hair more manageable. I really like this product, the only thing I've really noticed is a little bit of dryness, but I use that same ph balanced spray on my hair when it's wet, it feels so nice when it dries.

Post ONO (48 hours later), I used the same two minute treatment, and beyond the zone's dare to repair. It was certainly an adventure, this is the first relaxer on my hair that didn't immediately turn it to gum texture. I like it a whole lot and even have some of the product left over for touch ups. I would totally recommend this curl remover.

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