Burnt Hair Smell

Occassionally, I wear my hair straight (by way of a blow out and a flat iron - using a heat of no more then 275, max).

Each time I use the flat iron, it creates a horrible burnt hair smell... I start with clean, conditioned and great smelling hair. Once I use the flat iron my hair gives off this burnt'ish smell which stays with me all day... It's really very icky. Not to mention, the room I am straightening in fills up with the smell also. Yuck.

Has anyone else experienced this? Any solution?
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wow i'd definitely get yourself a new flat iron. what kind are you using? if you go to someplace like Ulta and tell them your problems, they will probably be able to help you pick something that isn't AS likely to damage your hair. they helped me pick my david babaii flat iron

also, what heat protection are you using? the smell you're experiencing could just be from the product being burned up.
I know all about burnt smells.

Are you using some sort of heat protectant? Also, the setting may be up too high. Try out some of the lower settings and use the lowest setting you can get away with to get your hair straight. Anything higher is just damaging your hair.
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My hair will get a burnty smell, but it never really lasts, and it doesn't fill up the whole room, though. You should try a heat protecting spray/gel. That should help. I also have a trick to get yummy smelling hair when I straighten. I spray my hair brush with my perfume (really good) and then brush my hair. It makes my hair smell good, and the alcohol in the perfume keeps my hair from going all over the place--to "set" the style. I know you're not supposed to use alcohol in your hair, but I rarely straighten my hair.
Doing rollersets will keep you from getting that burned smell
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The flat iron I'm using was purchased @ Sally Beauty Supply. From what I was told it was a good quality iron ( I paid $60 on sale 4 it).

Can anyone recommend a good thermal protectant that has a good smell?
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Flat iron and curling iron use always results in a burnt-hair smell, in my experience.

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I have never experienced a burnt smell, and I have used a flat-iron for many years. (I try not to straighten my hair as much now, though). I even put my heat setting up to 410. I have a T3 Tourmaline - Bespoke Labs - Narrow Wet-or-Dry - Flat Iron (1 inch). It is model # 83910-se.

I definitely think it's either your flat-iron or you need a good protectant. I use CHI 44 Iron Guard Thermal Protection Spray (in a red spray bottle). It's really good - not sticky and has no smell.

Good luck!!
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The smell is very terrible. I always use the hair straightener to create the hair-stylist. But I have uncomfortable feeling with bad smell. The i learn how to clean your flat iron from web: (w.besthairstraighteners.org/how-to-clean-a-flat-iron/) it is very useful.
My hair doesn't smell burnt, it smells skunky! The iron I had previously never made it smell like this; I thought maybe the new curling iron had to burn off the smell but it hasn't.
So if it's not burnt, what is it?
What flat iron are you using? What kind of heat protectant? Maybe try turning down the temperature a little bit

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