After flat iron, etc

Hi all. I'm new here and I've scoured the boards trying to find the answer to this question. I just started straightening my hair on a regular basis with a flat iron. It takes so long to wash, dry and straighten, I like to keep it as many days as possible. Is there any product out there that will act as a "dry" shampoo? Something to use after exercising to take the sweaty smell out and soak up some of the oil? Another question I have is, why is my hair normally dry, but when I straighten, within 2 days it's oily? And one last question (promise), why do I have dandruff, or flaky scalp if my hair is oily? I guess I just don't get it. I do use head and shoulders regularly for dry scalp, but other good shampoos/conditioners for moisturizing afterwards.
What products do you use on your hair???

I have found the less product the better, i usual go about 2 days when straightening, also, with practice, i have found it takes less and less time, in the end it really takes me less than 1/2 hour to straighten w.out a relaxer, and about 15-20 mins w/a relaxer

i wash and condition at night with Matrix sleek line
apply a smoothing leave in (not a lot...just in the spots i know are prone to frizz)
let dry until i go to bed
finish drying with blow drier if i feel like it
pull back
section out in the morning, flat ironing section at a time, then pulling into a low ponytail
when my whole head it done, i apply a little sleek look hairpray and some biosilk.

I AM VERY stingy with the product though, my silk therapy and matirx hairspray last me almost a year!
I use Redken Smooth Down Shampoo/Condition/Butter. I also use Aveda Color Reserve shampoo/condish from time to time. I normally straighten at night as I have to be at work early, early. I use Paul Mitchell Super Skinny and Rusk Str8. I use more of the PM than the Rusk. I feel it gets too "lotiony" if I use too much. I also just bought Kiehl's Silk Straightening Cream and Phytodefrisant after reading great reviews posted about them, but I have yet to try either of them. I will either air dry, but normally just go on and blow dry, then follow up with the flat iron. I have ordered the Redken Heat Glide to use as a protectant, but I haven't received it yet. After I flat iron I use a tiny bit of either the Biosilk Therapy or Aveda Anti-Humectant. Like you, I am VERY stingy with my product. I need it to last a long time and I know using too much will just build up on my hair too soon. I do find that since I got a new flat iron and started using these products, my hair will stay straight. I had given up on straigtening months ago until I found the right combination. Now the problem is keeping my hair and scalp fresh and not so oily/dandruffy so as to maxmize the time I can go between flat ironing.

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