All Kw/guelph/milton/burlington & Oakville Curlies

Hello ladies, I really need youur help with a question:

I am wondering how many of us curlies in these areas go to Mississauga or Toronto, or order from American online stores to get our products?

Last relaxer: November 28 2009
BC'ed: February 25 2010
A very thick head of tight coils and curls/ 4a
Co Wash: Suave Naturals, V05
Leave-in: KCNT
Stylers: KCCC
Pomades: KCGP
I'm in west Mississauga and I go to Toronto (Honeyfig) for products. No online shopping for me - I need to see and smell before I buy.
I'm in Waterloo and I am new to the CG routine. Before that I would just buy the grocery store brands (I know, soo bad).

Where do you buy your KCCC? I really want to try it but don't want to buy online and pay for shipping!
hey ladies, i actually just go to sallys beauty supply, theres one in waterloo and im pretty sure a few in TO!!
I'm in Hamilton. I think I'm product picky but I find everything I want. I get my suave at No Frills, Curls Rock TIGI and my Paul Mitchell leave in at BSO , L'oreal ever cream conditioning mask at Walmart. When I'm feeling richer than usual I love Ouidad which I find at sephora.

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