Stylist Needed in Ottawa

Hi Canadian Curlies!

I have spent years getting my hair cut by people who had no experience with curls (it has always ended badly).

I read on the Salon Finder that Boss Art on Laurier has two stylists who do dry cuts. The problem is that they are both going on mat leave until next year.

I was wondering if any of you were clients of Boss Art, and what you were planning on doing until they came back?
I really like Amir (the owner) at Salon Rouge on Dalhousie. I was recommended to go to him from another curlie. Just don't let him farm you out to others for your colour - I had two colour disappointments that way. But for a curly cut, he does his research.
Type: 3B? (not sure); Mod-CG (though i did not know it) since forever, now trying CG without cones since sept. 2011
Shampoo: no
Condish: Tashodi creamy argan oil
Treatments: Tashodi peppermint, lemongrass & argan oil hair mask; AETO botanical natural bamboo oil
Styling: Tashodi defrizzing balm, curl enhancer & styling mousse. Hemptz curl booster
Other: pineapple'ing @ night, plopping except in winter when i blow dry with defuser (it is Canada, gets to -40C), ouidad comb in the shower
I'm interested in finding a stylist in Ottawa too. I've been stalking down all the posts about them so far but it seems like the ones that have websites are expensive and the ones that aren't expensive have no info about them except Yellow Pages. It's starting to drive me a little bit crazy, so if anyone has any compromise between price and quality that would be great.

For the record, just before Grade 7, I had a haircut with a woman who had NO idea what she was doing with my hair and gave me an afro 'by accident'. It might have been years ago but since then I haven't trusted anyone with my hair (at all) except for tiny trims - and even then they're rare. So yeah, in desperate need of curly recommendations here

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