Darcys, Bee Mine and Oyin for sale

I have three products for sale

Darcy's Pumpkin seed conditioner 8oz (used once) sold

Oyin Hair dew 8oz (used once) $15 including shipping

Bee mine curly butter 8oz (opened but never used) $15 including shipping

Mizanni True Texture moisture Balance sulfate Free shampoo 8.5oz $15 including shipping

Paypal only

Also I live in Toronto and attend school downtown so we could meet in person if you are also in the area


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sorry, just saw the post date.

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sorry, just saw the post date.
Originally Posted by prettiletti
hey hun if you are still interested without the shipping it will just be ten bucks. I will be at school on Monday so we can meet then.

sorry, just saw the post date.
Originally Posted by prettiletti
sorry for the confusion hun. I took a post that I had started in september and just erased the content and created this post well cuz im lazy like that lol. if you look at the bottom of the post you'll see i edited it in november and creasted both the old and new post in 2011

oh lol ok...that makes sense.

I sent you a private message asking when and where you want to meet on Monday (tomorrow, right?). So i guess just let me know and we can set something up!

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