can't find leave in conditioners?!

i recently moved to canada, but for the life of me i can't seem to find leave in conditioners/cremes ANYWHERE! all i find is mousse or gels.. i've looked in shoppers drug mart countless times, and in different grocery stores to no avail. where do you guys find leave in conditioners?!
Hey twistedgirl,
I had a problem finding them, I use Giovanni Leave in, It was sold at Zellers and WalMart but since they do not carry it. Where do you live? My local health store is carrying the Giovanni line, it might be worth going to your health store near by and asking them to carry the line you're looking for. I know a lot of people use the leave in conditioner Biotera from Sally Beauty. It's a liquid though and didn't work in my hair. Giovanni is creamy and works good for me.
This isn't much help but it's a couple suggestions. Good luck!
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cowash- suave coconut,
rinse out- tigi MM and trying some new
Leave in- Giovanni
Curl cream- AG re:coil, Boots (pink) CJCC, about to make my own FSG, can't wait to see how it works
Gels- Crystal Ecostyler, Sally's Gel, Biosilk RHG
Deep conditioner- Sally's but looking for a new one.
Finishing- JC Nourish and Shine, sometimes some jojoba oil
Dry, med por.
my hair loves honey, I do regular ACV rinses and about to try baking soda scrub.
You can sometimes find Giovanni at Winners. Last time I was there they only had shampoo/conditioner but other locations might have more of the line.

I use L'Oreal EverSleek Humidity Defying Leave-In Creme from Shopper's Drug Mart (orange pump bottle). It was really inexpensive and it has a really nice consistency.
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CO: Suave Naturals Strawberry Conditioner
RO: TN Vibrantly Smooth Conditioner
LI: President's Choice Hydrating Conditioner (protein-rich); Biolage Conditioning Balm
Styling: HETT Curl Gel; AVG; Biotera firm-hold styling gel
Superstore and Vita Health also carry Giovannis.

I can only get Aubrey products at a couple local organic grocery stores.
I know it might be too heavy for a lot of people with curly hair, but I use Paul Mitchell's "The Conditioner". It's a nice leave in conditioner that you can find in many salons. It is not too expensive and is well worth the money. When I was in the Bahamas, it was the only product I used during my entire visit.
I am also looking for a moisturizing leave-in that is fairly affordable. I tried using a gel, but gels have never worked too well for me. So I'm wondering if a nice leave-in might do the trick.

Any other suggestions for cone free leave ins?

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I use my RO as a leave in (Suave Naturals.) My hair is very porous and dry, so it works well.
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Oil: Camellia oil, Coconut Oil, or Castor Oil
Style: FSG

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Superstore (not the beauty section but the organic section)

Vita health
Optimum health
And if all else fails,
anyone try the live clean argan oil leave in conditioner spray? saw it at walmart has a conditioner too...both appear to the CG friendly, but im new to CG.
I used to use a Live Clean leave-in conditioner but I think they discontinued it for some reason! I now use an Aveeno leave-in treatment that's more of a spray than a conditioner, but still works pretty well. You should be able to find some at Shopper's Drug Mart, Walmart, or Superstore!
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