Vancouver Salons

Hi everyone,
I'm a vancouver resident and I badly need a haircut. Any suggestions as to where I should go? Thanks so much
For the last year, I've been going to:
Avanti Hair Studios Ltd.
12101 72 Avenue 137, Surrey, BC V3W2M1
(604) 502-7777

Ask for Celina.

Before that time, I hadn't gotten my hair cut for over three years by a professional (just got my friends to trim it for me). I finally got brave and wanted to put some long layers in my long 3B hair. You know when you ask for an inch off and the hairdresser takes it upon themselves to take off 3 inches? Celina does not do that. She knows how to cut curly hair and very importantly she is comfotable cutting curly hair. She will do exactly what you ask her. She's also great to talk to...I really can't say enough good things!

Good luck,
3B Redhead with long, flowing hair...that I hate as much as I love ;^)

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