former product junkie :) getting rid of products

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Frédéric Fekkai all used 1/3 -- 2/3 of the bottle left
Glossing Shampoo
Protein Rx Repartative Shampoo
Protein Rx Repartative Conditioner

The June Carter Solution
Moisture Nourishing Shampoo used only twice
Revitalizing Leave-In Cond. Condition & Sculpt used 1/4 -- 3/4 bottle remaining

DevaBlonde No-Poo used only twice
DevaBlonde One Conditioner used only twice
AnGéll used only once

3c fine BSL hair that needs a LOT of hold but no help with curl formation. Am now a Jessicurl convert :))
very fine/thin blonde (now with silvery grey highlites!!!) 3c all the way!
What would you want for the deva curl stuff (or the whole lot of stuff) if you still have it??? I am in B.C. too so shipping would be cheap!

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