Any Canadians wanna swap?

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Hey, I don't have much to offer, but would love to get my hands on some new things without paying the stinkin' fortune it takes to ship to/from the States! If anybody would like to rejuvenate the Canadian board with some swap activity, LMK!
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Play with me!!
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Hi Pun'kin, I am in Halifax, NS. I look forward to hearing from you.
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I haven't been on the boards in a while but I'm back. I have a few things here and there. Tell me what city you live in and I'll see what I can exchange with you.
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Hey, I was BORN in Halifax... but I haven't been there since I was four.

Here's what I've got...

1. Aveda Elixir 3/4 of a 250ml bottle
2. Pantene Pro-V Spray-on Gel (extra hold), full 250 ml bottle
3. Infusium Re-vitalizing Conditioner for normal to dry hair, full 225ml bottle

I highly recommend the Elixir (I am giving it away because I don't like the smell although I know most people love it) and the Infusium rocks, it's just that I'm trying other conditioners right now and don't want a product graveyard.

Let me know what you have to swap and we'll see what happens.
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Pun'kin, I would like to try the Elixir. I adore that Aveda smell!

I have a bottle of ISO Bouncy Cream that I really don't need. It is over 3/4 full. It is a beautiful product, but I only bought it because I was so excited to have found it in my local mall. (My hair is very short.)

E-mail me if you want to make the trade. I also have Citre Shine spray on shine stuff (can't remember the name) that I could throw in, and John Frieda sheer blonde Funky Chunky veneer texturizer that I despise but may be worth a try.

E-mail me or post if you want to swap!


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