Help me empty the over populated product graveyard!

I have a bunch of stuff that I'd like to find a good home for:
1. Aveda Hang Straight- 5/6 full
2. Funky Chunky-used once
3. Artec Smoothing Serum --used twice
4. Artec Control Gel -- 2/3 full
5. Iso Multiplicity Styling Cream--used once
6. Iso Bouncy Cream --not used
7. Joico Ice Whip 3/4 full
8. Aveda Styling Curessence Spray 2/3 full
9. Aveda Perfume Brilliant shampoo 5/6 full
10. L'Oreal Professional:
*Colour Care Shampoo150 ml -not used
*Perm Energy Spray 150 ml-not used
*Perm Energy conditioner 150 ml- not used
*Perm Energy shampoo 500 ml - not used
11. Aubrey Sea Buckhorn and Egg
Conditioning Shampoo
12. KMS Curl up shampoo - used once
13. Phytodefrisant - 2/3 full

I'm interested in selling or swaping. Looking to try the new Fredric Fekkai curly hair products and Eulesence (sp?) conditioner.

Have a lovely day,
I'd be interested in the ice whip product if it's the mousse.

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