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I'm a newbie. I am a Canadian from Toronto. I currently use salon selectives mousse to tame my 3a/b hair. Can anyone recommend anything different?
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Hi I'm in Newfoundland. I've got 3A hair and I'm currently using Frizz Ease Mousse and it's working well. You can get it at Shoppers Drug Mart for about $7.99.
I just bought the green Dep Gel there yesterday since I've heard so much about it on this site.
Nice to see more Canadians here!
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Hey curlymop! I'm in Toronto aswell! I have started using herbal essence mousse and have had great results! I also really like rusk products. Wired in particular. There is a great store at yonge and eglinton called deliniation that has tons and tons of amazing products. I too bought the green dep gel that i heard tons about. It worked well the first few times then dried my hair out and gave it the frizz ball effect huge! Some people love it, I just had a bad experience with it! Good luck!
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Hey everyone!
I'm from Montreal, Quebec. Presently, I use a curling mousse by Salon Selectives. Its not like my hair needs to get any curlier, I am a 3a/b, but I find the mousse really helps to get rid of frizz. So far no dryness or anything so its great!
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Sup? I'm from Toronto too! (wierd aint it?) I use herbal essences mousse for curly hair.. works great.. bye y'all..
luv ~*Cybergirl*~
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Hey I just wanna see what this will do :

OOPS....It didi'nt work anyways

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