Flexi-8 FSOS (+ Yes to Carrots, Mixed Chicks)

I just received my Flexi-8s today, and of course the large is too big. Would like to sell for $15 US + actual shipping OR swap for small or extra small.

I have this one (#1034, if the link doesn't work):

I also have a bottle of Yes to Carrots conditioner (used once) for $5 CAD and an unopened bottle of Mixed Chicks leave-in for $20 CAD. Prefer pick-up for the conditioners.
Don't swap your flex-8, exchange it!! I don't know this from personal experience, but everyone says their customer service is phenomenal .. give them a call!
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yea i exchanged mine for a size up at no cost! faster then trying to get it sold.
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i has no hair type? (medium, f-iii), normal porosity, LOW elasticity.
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Leave ins- Garnier S&S; Marrakesh oil
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Protein- GVP Joico K-Pak
Play with ACV
How much did it cost in total with shipping from the site ... i might buy one within the next few months.
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