Toronto Curlies: 1/2 Price Deva Products at Sears

Just wanted to give all the Toronto curlies a heads up that Sears Hair Studio at Sherway Gardens (where Nicole, formerly of The Curl Ambassadors, now works) has all of their hair products at 50% off. I picked up some Arc Angell and Heaven in Hair for dirt cheap when I was there yesterday. I also picked up a huge bottle of Paul Mitchell product that Nicole used on my hair and I really liked. Not sure if it's entirely CG as there's some modified dimethicone in it but my hair looked and felt great so I don't particularly care!
does anyone know their telephone number, I want to know whether the sale is still on.
3c/4a. Very Fine and Thin.
Moisturizers: QB Burdock Root butter creme, Curl Junkie, Abba Pure Gentle leave-in
Styling Products: Curls Souffle, Curl Junkie Coffee Creme
Curl Cremes: Jessicurl Confident Coils
Conditioners: Deva Curl One, Mixed Chics DC, Nature's Gate Biotin
DT:AO Honeysuckle Rose, Coconut oil.
ok. I am also looking for Deva products. I am going to call Sears Hair Studio to see if the sale is still on, otherwise I'm heading to Honeyfig.
BC Feb 2008
3c, 4a. HE, castor and jojoba oil, acv rinse

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