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Hello everybody, I guess there are some CG in France too, though is not easy to find what we need.
I am going to curly girl method but I live in Paris and it is so difficult to find products, hairdresser, and so on, so let's make a list of what we found to help each other.
I start:
shampoo: pureology volume
gel: aloe vera Planter's
conditioner: Ultra Doux Camomille et miel
Still looking for good styling products with very hard hold (gel)

Next week I will try a hairdresser who cuts dry hair. I will tell the result.
Hi! I will be moving to Paris for the summer... Which salon are you using? Tell me how it goes!
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I just went to the salon on wednesday and I can finally say I found someone who can cut curly hair. My curls really improoved a lot with the new haircut.

It is Arnaud at 7 Faraday, 7 rue faraday, paris 17.
For the products you should bring all you need from the states, you have so many good stuff and better prices.

I live in Paris too and I agree it's very hard to find trustable curly hair products..

I'm sorry I can't help you with products yet because I haven't find none... I co-wash my hair with an "ultra-doux" CO...

after washing I put a leave-in product named "Small Talk" which I found in internet but I'm looking for something better. My hair still goes from 3b to 3-b-almost-c according to it's humour and I can't find a product to really help me with it. Most of the mousses just let it too "gonflés" (puffy?!).

And for the salon I've just given up and began to cut my own hair. They can only deal with straight hair, is soooo difficult and TOO EXPENSIVE to find a coiffeur who understands about curly hair...
Hello! It seems CG are still scarce in France, so here I am, hoping I can help and you can help me too

I discovered the no poo and low poo a few weeks ago and decided to try the low poo at first.
Here's the products I found :

- Sulfate free & silicon free shampoo:
Take a look at The Body Shop and their Rainforest collection.
I recommend the Shampoing Rainforest Nutrition Cheveux Secs ou Abimés.

- Silicon free conditioner:
No need to go to a specialized shop, it's easy to find some at the mall (i.e. Auchan) like the Garnier Fructis Pure Brillance conditioner (be careful, the shampoo of this collection can't be used for the low poo method!!).

The one I use was quite cheap and in a BIG bottle: it's the Corine de Farme - Baume Démêlant Doux à l'Amande et au Miel. 98% of its ingredients are natural. (It seems that the shampoo is not sulfate free so don't use it).

- Silicon free & alcohol free styling product:
Sadly I still didn't find any, hope some of you can help me on that...
I'm still using the Garnier Fructis Style Mousse Coiffante Hydra-Boucles but it has alcohol and silicon so I would like to change.

- And does anyone know an hairdresser in Paris who knows how to cut curly hair, as it's explained in the Curly Girl Handbook ?
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I found this great place at Etienne Marcel that stock Jessicurl, Kinky Curly, Buerre de Karite, Curls etc....
They also do makeup and skin. They're really nice.

9, rue de Turibigo, 75001 Paris
01 42 36 89 77
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I don't live in France, but i come regularly to shop cosmetics that are not possible to get in Poland.
I would highly recommend:
Dessange lisse absolu richesse
baume demelant
lissage integral et protection

After becoming CG, that is my only hair cosmetic, from what i had in my bathroom, i can use in low dew points (it has some humectants, but quite far). And believe me - i'm a BIG product junkie, so i had a lot of choice in my bathroom I use it as a co-wash and my hair loves it! Moisturizing is turned on Also my hair are more shiny.

Ingredients: aqua, cetearyl alcohol, elaeis guinessis oil (palm oil), behentremonium chloride, steamidopropyl dimethylamine, argania spinosa oil, linalool, glycerin, limonene, chlorhexidine dihydrochloride, xylose, citric acid, citronellol, hexyl cinnamal, buthylphenyl methylpropional, parfum

About the price I remeber it wasn't expensive nor the cheapest - somehow in the middle closer to the low cost (I use different currency, so sorry for not being precise).

(still learning how to upload an avatar and write subs)
3a, high porosity, normal density, medium texture
because of results in snap test needs moisture AND proteins

Co-wash: Dissange lisse absolu baume demelant
CO: looking for humectant free nearby, Dissange^
LI: coconut oil/ monoi
Styling: looking for sth humectant free nearby

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