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Kadi183 12-27-2010 09:15 AM

German curlies :)
Hi :)

I wondered if anyone who also lives in Germany has any good recommendations for shampoos that are sulfate free. At the moment I use a baby shampoo by dm, which is sulfate free, and actually baby shampoos are the only ones I find when I try looking for a sulfate free poo. And then it seems that a lot of them also contain glycerin, which my hair doesn't like.
And then I wondered: I think I read that Methosulfate is a "better" sulfate that can be used in a CG-routine.
So any recommendations for shampoos with Methosulfate would be ok too?

eternalvoyageur 12-28-2010 12:16 PM

Hey, I make my own shampoos using ingredients and recipes from Hobbythek. I love them, with these shampoos I got rid of my dandruff and my hair stopped being oily. I totally recommend it !

If you live in a small town, you can also get the stuff online from Jean Pütz Produkte But check first if there is a store in your town.
They also sell ready-made shampoos which are a bit pricier. But making my own is pretty easy, it takes me a few minutes every few months. And it´s fun to customise the scents and ingredients.
The first time you might have to spend a bit more money (I spent 20€ for the ingredients, because you have to buy bigger quantities than you need to make just one shampoo) but some of them you use very small quantities, so after 3 years there is still some stuff that I haven´t repurchased.

Kadi183 12-28-2010 02:22 PM

Wow, that sounds really cool, but where do you get the recipes from? Do they "sell" them to you too, or do you just experiment? Cause for example, I wouldn't want my product to get rotten after a few days :)
Yeah, I live in a really small village, so I might check out the online store thing ;)

juicygun 01-01-2011 04:39 PM

If you're willing to order anyway, you could try Aubrey Organics as well.
Have you tried c/o washing?

Vanessa (Munich ;) )

curly*pixie 01-29-2011 02:56 PM


have you tried looking in a "Reformhaus" ;-) other than that, you can order here Lexies Curls - Pflegeprodukte für naturlockige Haare und mehr
The shop is located in Germany, so you don't have high shipping fees. I recommend the Jessicurl Gentle Lather Shampoo. The shop does not have as many products as curlmart or britishcurlies (where I like to order), but they are expanding their range.

Liebe Grüße

Wendy (Frankfurt am Main)

MinusEight 02-04-2011 09:57 AM


here's another wavy german looking for the HG.

I think I found cones in one of the baby shampoos from the dm-brand, thats why I use one from bübchen. But I think there's glycerin in it too.

Maybe you should read this thread:

By the way, I've never seen Lexies Curls products in a Reformhaus here. That's not fair! (well maybe i just didn't see it :D)

curly*pixie 02-13-2011 08:49 AM


what I meant is that you can find a sulfate free shampoo in a Reformhaus or order products online at Lexies curls. She sells a few the brands you can buy at Curl Mart.

Tati-Ana 03-09-2011 06:49 AM

Thanks a lot for a link of lexie curls shop. I feel like a child in a toy store:)))))))
schöne grüße
Tanja aus NRW

Tati-Ana 03-09-2011 06:51 AM

You made my day:))))))

eternalvoyageur 03-16-2011 12:31 PM


Originally Posted by Kadi183 (Post 1553112)
Wow, that sounds really cool, but where do you get the recipes from? Do they "sell" them to you too, or do you just experiment? Cause for example, I wouldn't want my product to get rotten after a few days :)
Yeah, I live in a really small village, so I might check out the online store thing ;)

They give the recipes to you, they are also online. You add natural conservants, so things don´t go bad. Well, some other stuff has a limited time that you can store it, but shampoo lasts for ages.

Also, the stores Müller, Rossmann and DM each have their own brand of cheap natural cosmetics (Alverde, Alterra etc), and their stuff is free from SLS, cones, parabens and other crap. I actually think that all these brands are actually manufactured by the same factory, and then packaged differently for each store, because the products are very similar and even the names and the packaging are alike.

Fmasuhr 05-28-2012 11:25 AM

i no this is old, but woow i didnt know that there were german curlies here! :D

sphinx09 07-30-2012 07:56 AM

Deutsche CG/No pooer fuer Masterarbeit gesucht...
Hey curlies,

I am a graduate student of business and I am writing my thesis on voluntary simplification of consumption, specifically the CG/no poo movement. A topic quite close to my heart, as well...

I would love to interview any of you ladies, and men of course, to know your experience with the process and what motivated you in the first place.
I am trying to get a decent sample of americans and europeans. I also speak fluent french and german, if that helps. I would really appreciate any PMs or if you can point me to some people who might be interested...

Skye87 11-17-2012 07:18 PM

Hello lovelies,

you might take a look at this one for curly hair - Haar-Kosmetik für Locken und Krausköpfe. I think its new but they do offer a wide range of products

CurlyB_ 12-07-2012 11:11 AM

Curly chocolate
Hallo meine liebsten :)

This week I discovered a shop which is situated in Hamburg, it is called Curly Chocolate and they do have a lot of cg friendly products. :) I guess I just fell in love with the shop :-o

I did order online since I do live in Austria (paid about 13€ for shipping) and am really looking forward to getting my products :love1:

Home page

Definitely the shop with the best products I have discovered so far!

Skye87 12-16-2012 10:30 AM

I'm so happy to find someone from Austria. Where do you come from Austria? I'm from Tirol, near Italy :D

CurlyB_ 12-16-2012 10:59 AM

I live in Vienna :) Have you found any good cg friendly products on the ground in austria? Haven't been able to find any yet :( I always have to irder my cobditioners online - and shipping costs s***!

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Luvcoils 12-19-2012 12:06 PM


I'm so happy to find a thread für German curlies. :cyclopsani: I decided to write in this forum, because in Germany I feel often alone. Here are many more curlies. :D
Can we speak in German, too?
Or please come to me and we meet us in my hair-dairy. ;) Klick "My Hair" in the signature and we will come together! Gemeinsam ist man weniger allein.

frankcesca 07-08-2013 05:56 AM

Hallo deutsche curlies!

Can we also talk about where everyone gets their hair cut? I live in Berlin and tried a place in Pankow with the CurlSys method 2 weeks ago.
The cut seemed very rigid and non-personalized, she sectioned it as if it were a straight haircut, cut it wet, pulled everything straight as she cut it, didn't look at the natural divisions of curls (just took sections of all the same size). Then she cut a big curve into the bottom of each section.

She did NOT know how to diffuse my hair, she ran her fingers through it the whole time so I had a Pusteblume on my head when she was done. (Then she nervously smiled and said, "It still stays behind your ears.") I actually requested her to thin it because I was so worried about triangle-head when I saw my reflection. It looks pretty good now with my own products, but from what I am reading against thinning shears, I basically asked the stylist to give me frizz. Even though my curls are looking good, I'm not sure how much was the haircut, how much is finally finding my hair's favorite products, and how much is the weather!

So, the quest continues - do I try my next cut at the other Curl Sys place in Berlin, or do you know somewhere secret and magical?

mglocke 04-21-2014 04:49 PM

Hallo :)

this is a little old, but why not collect some new information about German products? I haven't used sulfates or silicones in years but it's really not easy here. I have 3b/3c hair, low porosity but other than that pretty medium density and width. I just cut (and layered a tad bit!) my own hair to about shoulder length.

The products I use are

Shampoo: Yalia Shampoo (Denn's Biosupermarkt) Bambus und Lotusblüte. this does have some drying alcohols in it, but I don't use much and not very often so it is good for now. And of course I use a conditioner afterwards. But I want to switch to the (new?) seba-med daily shampoo. Have you guys tried it?

I usually co-wash with Balea Spülung (mostly the Feuchtigkeitsspülung). I have not found an ideal co-wash product yet. The Balea ones also have some drying alcohols (isopropyl) in it but no protein as far as I can tell. And I am a little sensitive to proteins as I recently found out so I don't want to use them too much. For those who need protein, I would recommend aiko Repair Spülung by Müller Drogeriemarkt.
What is reaaaally important for my co-wash product is the price. I do wash my hair every or every other day. I tried lasting it longer but it is not working for me. I touch it too much, the wind, I work out etc. Maybe I don't care enough ;) (even though I do use a satin pillow case)

I do order products online (Curly Chocolate,, Locken-Idol) but I refuse ordering something that will only last me two weeks.

For a rinse-out conditioner, I used to use Alverde Glanzspülung, but yet again: drying alcohol. So I just started trying Garnier natural beauty Vanillemilch und Papayamark which I like. Protein-free, alcohol-free, but some ingredients puzzle me, I just don't know what they are... But I just ordered an American conditioner online because I want to try some things out. :)

From time to time I use a protein-enriched conditioner such as the Aubrey Organis one (GBP), which I ordered on iherb (Warning: I had to pick it up at the customs office... :/)

For my leave-in, I use my most expensive product, Kinky Curly Knot Today. It is the first "actual" leave-in I tried so I can't compare it yet, but it has lasted me sooo long and it is nice. But not really moisturizing so when I use it up I will probably switch.

Styling: this is my main problem. I used gels with alcohols (Wella shock waves, alverde) for way too long and now I am trying the Gard Forming Fluid and Gard Styling Gel but I am not sure about them yet. I might actually give in and order the Shea Moisture stuff online... I have a curls cream (from iherb as well) which I use from time to time but it has proteins in it. I might try switching back to alverde or a L'Oreal studio line gel, too.

Oh and I use coconut oil on my ends and a little on the rest of my hair after my leave-in. My hair does not like too much of it though.

After styling (raking, scrunching and just a little of defining) I scrunch with a microfiber towel and put my hair up in a big T-Shirt turban. After taking it out, I let it sit for 30 minutes or so. I usually diffuse for just a few minutes to speed up drying but too much is frizzing my hair out. I let air dry (yep, it takes forever, thanks low porosity hair). But I don't mind...

I am thinking that my hair gets frizzy and dry so easily because I used too much protein until recently and because Germany is keeping me from all the amazing hair products ;) Have you found some amazing things here? It neeeeds moisture!

Sorry für den langen Post, liebe Grüße!

themhappycurlz 04-27-2014 05:01 AM

Hello mglocke,
I´m from Belgium but as I do most of my hair shopping in Germany I might have some ideas for you.

Shampoo: don´t use it. I sometimes wash my scalp with Penaten Babywash or hair soap.

Condish: I´ve tried almost every brand you can find at DM or Rossmann but compared to the brands sold here they had not much slip and were just not moisturising enough. So now I use the Alterra ( Aloe Vera Granatapfel is protein free) and Alverde hair masks. They are made for straigth hair so no worries about beeing to rich. You can also order from Aubrey Organics (White Camelia is my favorite) they have a german website - but that´s more expensive.

Leave In: Best for me so far is As I Am wich I ordered at Locken Idol - it´s also protein free.

Styling: cheapest and not drying is Eco Styler (also from Locken Idol) or homemade flaxseed gel.

Oil: try argan oil - I know it´s expensive but I works very well on my hair. Edeka sells it at a reasonable price.

Hope this gives you some ideas :)


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