Travelling to Australia & NZ - what products to use?


I'll be Travelling to Australia & NZ on a fee months & was wondering if the Aussie curlies could recommend some good but cheap CG products to use?

Do they have Tresemme naturals down there?

That should say "in a few months"...
Yep we have Tresemme naturals here, available in most supermarkets for under AU$10, we also have Aldi 5 stars conditioner here which is CG.
Double post.

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I hope you enjoy your visit I would live to know exactly are you going.

Our priceline stores carry quite a large range of good quality products, and while you're in New Zealand you might be able to find some Manuka honey products for your curls, I haven't tried any myself but it seems to be used for almost everything!
I would love to know where you are going**
I would love to know where you are going**
Originally Posted by Celladoor
Looks like we're just hdg to QLD or northern NSW & south island in NZ. Thanks for the info. Do u use any CG gels? I might just bring my own...
I really hope you enjoy your trip here. I'm afraid I can't help you with gels as I don't use any, but just remember not to bring the liquids in your carry on..I've made that mistake before and have had things confiscated
I'm going too! In August!
Originally Posted by Nej
Let me know if u find any good CG products when u get there. I have a friend who is a hairdresser there so I must ask him.

Have fun! I heard it's really cold on the east coast
Bump ... Any more suggestions for NZ?!?! I need a hard hold gel which is CG
For my trip I ended up takin my Eco styler which worked out well til I ran out.

So I went to the shop & bought some v05 mega hold... The only gel in the supermkt w/out alcohol denat.

My hair is still recovering now I'm back. Hold was ok at first but after a while my hair became really frizzy & dry with lil hold. I think I'll be chucking out that gel.
Ps Aust & NZ both sell tresemme natural in their drugstores ... Very easy. I took a big bottle with me but I could've easily bought it there. You can never be too careful tho.

Priceline or priceattack in Aust have a huge range of haircare include a very small section for Afro/mixed hair

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