Shea Moisture in EU


Does anyone know where I can get Shea Moisture (Coconut & Hibiscus line in particular) online which ships to EU?

Thanks in adv
Have you already checked the online shop on the have lots of products and they actually ship outside of england.
"Take care to get what you like or you will be forced to like what you get" George Bernard Shaw
Yep have checked the curly emporium & pakcosmetics along with a host of other sites which ship to the EU.

Tryin to get my hands on some SM ECS is proving really difficult.
Someone in the us bought me CES and then posted it to me
That's great that you have that option. I would like to be able to get it myself tho
That's great that you have that option. I would like to be able to get it myself tho
Originally Posted by fonki
I know what you mean , I was excited when I saw curls products on the ground . Sent the shea moisture customer service an email once about it , hopefully they will broaden their market soon
Ha! I just sent them an email too.

A few people have raved about Anita grants products available from the UK. I might give her stuff a go if the price is right.

Not sure if u have access to Boots, but the naked conditioners are pretty good.
Oh I do, are they really good ? Might try out the conditioner in a jar soon
Yeah the naked intensive condish is really good. Naked miracle worker leave on is pretty good too. My hair loves the moisture both give
Ps the curl defining condish has a cone which isn't water soluble & frankly dried out my hair big time with absolutely no curl defn. I actually lost my curls & was a big frizzy mess. Awful! The hydrating & intensive condish are a lot better tho

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