eco styler in Ireland?


Does anyone know if you can get eco-styler on the ground in Ireland? I'm currently ordering it online & shipping is costing 3 times the cost of a tub.

I checked out some of the Afrocarib hair shops in town & they'd never heard of eco styler ...

I don't think u can get it here on the ground which is unfortunate as it's brilliant
paks sell it online dont know how much the shipping is though maybe worthwhile buying in stock...
Thanks I currently get it from paks. It's about a tenner extra for postage if you get the big tub.

I've given up hope of ever finding any good hair products on the ground in Ireland!
Hi Fonki,

You can get the eco styler on Moore street in Dublin. Most of them don't know the exact names of the products. You'll have to ask where the gels are and then you search for it yourself.

I'll first start with the small Boots store inside the Ilac centre, beside Dunnes Store. She carries some products. If not, then Moore street store. Remember that you'll have to search at for it yourself at each store (no matter how small the stores are). They all carry different varieties from each other.

Lets know how you get on.

Best of luck.

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