Good websites to order from (in Europe)

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Yeah, today they sent me a mail asking about my bank account information so they can refund me sadly they were the only shop i know that were still selling the bee mine luscious creme and their deep treatment. I think they didn't get the permission for shipping into EU after a law change concerning cosmetics a few weeks ago, so no one is selling their stuff anymore. It's a shame! Their creme has been the best working for me so far, but there's no way i'm gonna pay $50 for shipment on the original bee mine site for having it sent to me.
Has anyone heard about mariposa import? The site hasn't been online for quite a few months and I noticed Lori doesn't respond to any facebook messages anymore..Hope she's okay.
Here is a detailed video on all the European online sites
2c/3a F ii
Wavy Hair Vlogger on Youtube!

Shalimarcat YouTube Channel
hey, just found new site for curlies in the UK but they also ship to other European countries. They are called Antidote Street (

And wow - my goodies came in this awesome box

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